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How to Promote Your Virtual Care Benefits

Want to help your employees save time and money on healthcare? Try these easy ways to spotlight First Stop Health.

📧 Send an email. Just copy and past the text below!

Subject Line: Benefit Info: Your FREE Virtual Healthcare Access

Little Sprouts provides First Stop Health to all employees and their immediate family members! A visit costs $0.00 — it's FREE. Use this benefit to get care from a personal doctor via phone or video.

  • Prevention & Wellness: Check in on your current health and make a personalized plan to stay healthy and strong.
  • Mental Healthcare: Diagnosis and prescriptions for depression, anxiety and more. You have virtual counseling, too.
  • Health Management: Support managing asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, COPD and more.
  • 24/7 Urgent Care: You have on-demand access to doctors 24/7 for simple health issues like cold, flu, UTI, skin rash and more.
  • Care for Your Family: Your immediate family members are included! Dependents under 18 are welcome to use FSH for urgent care issues. Adults can use FSH for urgent and primary care.
  • Referrals, Tests & More: Just like at an in-person visit, First Stop Health doctors can provide referrals, test orders, documentation and more.

Get Started with First Stop Health

Simply request a visit on the mobile app or at You can claim your account using the last 4 digits of your SSN. To learn more, watch the video!


💬 Promote FSH on Workplace! Try one of the blurbs below.


Have you tried First Stop Health? All employees and their immediate family members have FREE access to this benefit! Use this service to save time and money on healthcare. Watch the video or schedule a visit to get started.

Interested in saving time and money on healthcare? With First Stop Health, you can talk to a primary care doctor from home! Check in on your health, get referrals and screenings, manage ongoing health conditions and more. A visit costs $0.00. Watch the video or schedule a visit to get started.

Your mental health matters – and it can be easy to get care. Your First Stop Health virtual primary care doctor can diagnose and treat depression, anxiety and more. They can also write prescriptions when appropriate. Ready to get convenient, compassionate care for your mental health? Schedule a visit.


It's Mental Health Awareness Month! Did you know that you can get free, confidential mental health support with your First Stop Health benefit?  You can talk to a primary care doctor to get diagnosis and treatment (including prescriptions when appropriate) for depression, anxiety and more. It’s free and completely confidential!  Watch the video or schedule a visit to get started.

📥 Have your employees download the mobile app. 

The simple, secure mobile app is the easiest way to use First Stop Health. With it, you can:

  • Request a doctor in a few clicks
  • Download your sick note
  • Update your profile 
  • View doctor instructions
  • Listen to video recordings

This link will send employees to the Google Play store on Android and the App Store on iPhone or desktop.



Request Print Materials

Looking for physical materials to share with your employees about their free benefit? Request them here!  


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