Virtual Primary Care

Support for urgent, chronic and preventive care


Reducing risk of high-cost healthcare events by improving access to primary care

Patients get convenient and affordable access to high-quality primary care with First Stop Health's nationwide network of doctors. 

Using our app, website or with a phone call, patients access: 

  • Urgent Care: 24/7 access to doctors who connect to patients within minutes.
  • Preventive Care: Schedule virtual doctor visits for routine screenings with coordinated care for lab, imaging and procedure orders. 
  • Chronic Care: Schedule virtual doctor visits for the management of ongoing health issues and care follow-up.
Plus, care is coordinated for in-network referrals, steerage to appropriate benefits and prescription management.
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No patient cost*

Capitated fee structure limits patient and employer costs. 


*Upon request, a patient consultation is available for visits


No access barriers

Ability to schedule an appointment 24/7.

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No Claims

FSH doctor visits run outside the medical plan and do not apply as claims. 

Our Difference

What drives FSH Virtual Primary Care?

FSH Virtual Primary Care integrates whole-person, digital-first support with care that people love.

Custom Communication Strategy

Year-long, targeted engagement at no cost.

Clinical Reporting

Data captured to identify at-risk populations and take actions.

High Level of Trust

+77 Patient & +87 Client NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Performance Guarantee

Benefit costs directly tied to outcomes.

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