Telemedicine: Your Personal Healthcare Companion

In 2014 Disney released Big Hero 6, an animated movie about a marshmallow-y caregiver powered by technology. Among the comedy and superhero stunts, Baymax (the robot) treats various ailments that befall his patient. Big Hero 6 brought to screen the...

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Pink Eye, Lice, and Strep. Oh My!

It seems like kids are constantly battling illnesses. Whether it’s the stomach bug being passed around the 2nd grade or runny noses–our little ones keep going ‘round and ‘round the merry-go-round of runny noses and sick days!

39% of mothers with...

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Fool's Cold: Do You Really Have a Cold? Or Is It Actually the Flu?

You wake up in the morning and can barely raise your head off the pillow. A pounding headache, congestion, cough, aches, fever - you can’t even imagine driving yourself to the doctor.

What is this and can it be treated? How can you tell if you...

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Brokers, Are You Recommending Value-Based Telemedicine?

As a broker, you care about numbers––costs, savings, and the ROI you provide for your clients. But there’s another side of the coin you need to pay attention to: client service.

Client service matters. It’s about the attention and respect you show...

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The Top 5 Ways to Have a Healthy Vacation

SUMMER! Songs are written about it, vacations planned, and lifelong memories created. You have been waiting for this all winter, and finally it’s here!  Before you know it, school will be starting again and the days shortening. Make sure you don’t...

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Urgent Care Vs. Telemedicine: Which Costs Employers Less?

Today’s healthcare is a great example of Moore’s Law. Simply put, the law states that technology will double itself every two years on an exponential basis.

Now what does this tech babble have to do with healthcare? As healthcare technology...

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How To Keep Employees Happy Without Breaking The Bank

Think back to 10 years ago. What did “employee benefits” mean? Healthcare, probably a 401k, maybe a parking spot––and that was about it. This was all before millennials were on the job market.

Flash-forward to 2016. Google gives “20% time” to their...

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When Agitators Attack: Allergies vs. Viruses

You’ve had a dull headache for days. Your nose just won’t stop running. A string of tissues follows you everywhere you go, and it’s really starting to get annoying. So where did this come from? Was someone sick at work? Or maybe it’s because of all...

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The Real Risks of Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

 “Doctor, I cough until I vomit”. The patient’s statement stopped me. This is a classic symptom of pertussis, also sometimes called whooping cough. I had learned about it in medical school, but had never seen a case. It was a disease of the 19th and...

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