Sick Days... Minimized

Flu season is here--the time of year employers dread. The unavoidable fact is that employees will become ill and work time will be missed. Sooner or later, all employers will be affected by lost time and productivity due to employee illness. But...

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Dr. Mark Friedman, CMO of First Stop Health: "Physicians Should be Innovators"

Chief Medical Officer at First Stop Health and emergency room physician Dr. Mark Friedman answers questions about medicine and the medical system on

What's the biggest barrier to practicing medicine today?

The biggest barrier to...

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The Magic Number

As a benefits consultant, your clients ultimately judge your performance by the impact your services have on their healthcare costs and employee engagement with the benefits plan. Measuring reductions in overall spend is easy year-over-year, but...

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4 Reasons Embedded Telemedicine Is Not "Free"

When it comes to telemedicine benefits, beware the words “it’s included,” “no additional cost,” or “free”. These phrases may be harmless describing a set of Ginsu knives on late night infomercials, but they should raise red flags coming from...

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3 Reasons Telemedicine Can Be Implemented Year-round

In the flurry of benefits planning, open enrollment and the start of a new benefit year, some potential new benefits like telemedicine might not have made it to the top of the to-do list. While telemedicine addresses a modest portion of a...

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Phew! Happy New Year... Happy New Benefits

2017 is here! A new year and a clean slate. For many, this is a time buzzing with the excitement of new goals and resolutions. However, for many others, after the ball has dropped and the confetti fallen, it can become a time of worry.

Just as...

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Top 3 Things HR Professionals Lose Sleep Over

At open enrollment time HR professionals are losing sleep, but mostly over their to-do list. Outside of open enrollment, the above image is a heat map of what HR professionals responded was most concerning to them. Let’s break down the top three...

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Implementing an Onsite Clinic vs. Telemedicine

An interesting question came across the table from an employer at a conference a couple of weeks ago: “What can a telemedicine solution do that an onsite clinic can’t?”

As employers look to provide convenient and affordable care to their employees,...

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Chicago Tribune Reports First Stop Health's Clients Have Highest Utilization of Telemedicine

That wasn’t the title of the article published in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday October 10th, but it should have been. I was excited when the Chicago Tribune called me to talk about First Stop Health’s telemedicine solution. But when the article...

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