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Help employees access the care they need when they need it most — thanks to virtual care solutions that make a real difference. Employees feel better, faster and more conveniently. Your company saves money from avoided emergency room, urgent care and doctor’s office claims.

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travel, waiting rooms or paperwork

What We Do

We provide care for physical and mental well-being


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How we Do it

We do the heavy-lifting to onboard employees, driving industry-leading utilization

  • Customized, year-long employee engagement

  • Smart, personalized communications

  • Easy onboarding and maintenance via an online dashboard

  • Quarterly reporting to measure hard-dollar savings


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Highest utilization rate in Telemedicine

125% Savings Guarantee*

Guaranteed results, or we’ll refund the difference

$249 Savings Per Consult

Average employer savings per diverted healthcare claim





*For every $1 you spend on First Stop Health Telemedicine, we guarantee you will receive $1.25 in real savings. It’s the same as achieving a 25% ROI, but we guarantee the savings or we’ll refund the difference.

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