What to Know About Virtual Primary Care

January 31, 2022

First Stop Health Doctors

What is Virtual Primary Care?

Simply put, virtual primary care is just what it sounds like: The ability to talk to a primary care doctor via phone or video. First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care: 

  • Is personal to you. Receive ongoing care from a doctor who will get to know your personal and family health history, as well as your unique goals and needs.  
  • Saves you time. Virtual appointments start on time to give you more time with your doctor.  
  • Saves you money. Most of our members have virtual primary care for FREE through their employer; there are no fees or copays. But those who do have a copay save money, too, because they take less time off work – think: half an hour instead of half a day – and don’t have to pay for gas, parking, childcare or other expenses to get to their doctor.  
  • Is potentially safer than in-person care. Avoiding germy waiting rooms limits the spread of germs, including COVID-19. 
  • Includes care for your family. First Stop Health doctors can treat urgent care issues in dependents <18. Adult dependents can use FSH for both primary and urgent care.  
  • Is SO easy to use! Just request a visit on the app or log in at fshealth.com to get started. 

Not sure if you have a copay or which family members are included in your membership? Refer to your email from info@fshealth.com.


When can I use Virtual Primary Care? 

Below are some reasons you and your family might use virtual primary care.

prevention_wellnessPrevention & Wellness 
Check in on your current health and make a personalized plan to stay healthy and strong. Your doctor will recommend screenings, answer questions, provide advice and refer you to in-person care (in your insurance network) if needed.  

health_management Health Management 
If you have a health condition you need to manage on a day-to-day basis, your virtual primary care doctor can provide ongoing treatment. 

urgent_care_issuesUrgent Care Issues 
Talk to a doctor in minutes for cold, flu, UTI, rash, headache and more. You can schedule an appointment with your personal doctor or talk to the first doctor available. These visits typically take just 5 minutes or less! 

mental_healthcareMental Healthcare 
Your virtual primary care doctor can diagnose and help treat depression, anxiety, substance use disorder and more. Your treatment plan may include prescriptions, virtual counseling and/or referrals. 

vpc (1)Hair & Skin Care 
Doctors can treat issues like hair loss, dry skin, acne and more. 

vpc (2)Sexual Health 
Need birth control? STD screening? Have a question? Your virtual primary care doctor can help.  

Referrals, Tests & More 
Just like at an in-person visit, virtual primary care doctors can provide referrals, test orders, documentation and more.



What can’t Virtual Primary Care doctors do? 

While virtual primary care can address many health needs via phone or video, there are a few things our doctors cannot do virtually: 

  • Perform in-person procedures – but they can certainly provide referrals to in-network providers! 
  • Prescribe controlled substances, such as narcotics. (Under federal law, these medications require an in-person physical examination and handwritten prescription.) 


How do I get started? 

Simply request a visit on the mobile app or at fshealth.com. From there, you’ll choose your new virtual primary care doctor and schedule a 20-minute visit for a time that works for you.  

During your first visit, your doctor will get to know your personal and family health history, ask questions, listen to your concerns, and make recommendations for your current and future health.  


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Originally published Jan 31, 2022 7:07:38 PM.