Employee Announcement

Email Template

Share this email your employees to let them know they have benefits from First Stop Health. Don't forget to fill in your details before sending!

Subject line:

You now have First Stop Health Virtual Care! 

Email body:


We’re excited to announce a new health and wellbeing benefit beginning [START DATE]! 


With your free First Stop Health Virtual Care membership, you and your [eligible family] will have access to board-certified doctors, health coaches and specialists by phone or video. This service is free to use!  


Medical Care 
Board-certified doctors are available any time, day or night for simple health issues like cold and flu symptoms, UTIs and skin rashes. They’re also available for regular visits for annual checkups, medication management, tests and referrals.  


Health Coaching 
Your personalized care team will support you in reaching your health goals no matter how big or small. They can help you manage your blood pressure, get better sleep, eat healthier, get more active, quit smoking and live a healthier, happier lifestyle.   


Get care for the whole family!  
Dependents under 18 are welcome to use First Stop Health for urgent care issues. Adults can use FSH for urgent, primary and mental healthcare. 


Here’s how to get started: 
Download the mobile app or visit fshealth.com to set up your account. From there, you’ll choose the type of care you need and request your visit! Get started here:  https://app.fshealth.com/member/     


Additional Tools

A pre-written video script that you can use to announce virtual care services to your team.

Use this guide to understand the role of  leadership in supporting and promoting First Stop Health to your team.

A complete overview of the First Stop Health services available to you and your team.


Do your team members have questions about their First Stop Health benefits? These FAQs will help you answer them: