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FAQs: Virtual Urgent Care

Find answers to questions about how to prepare for a visit, labs and more!


  1. Log in at or the First Stop Health mobile app.  
  2. Before you request a visit, click ‘Profile’ and review your information to ensure that everything is up to date.
  3. On the ‘Home’ page, click ‘Talk to a Doctor’ then click ‘Request a visit’.  
  4. Follow the prompts to provide information to your doctor regarding your symptoms, current conditions, and more. You will be prompted to select what pharmacy you would like to have your medication sent to in case your doctor decides to write you a prescription. You will have the option to submit a photo for symptoms such as ‘skin rash.’
  5. Wait for the call! Most visits are completed within 30 minutes.  

Here are a few ways to prepare for your urgent care visit: 

  • Make sure your profile is up to date with all your current medications and medical conditions. 
  • Find a space that you find comfortable and private.  
  • Keep your ringer on so you don’t miss your doctor’s call. If you have any call blocking apps or want to add First Stop Health to your contact, click here. For a Spanish version, click here. Call blocking apps may send the call straight to voicemail or show a caller ID of ‘Unknown.’ 



Prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy you chose when scheduling your visit. The pharmacy will also be listed in the visit details under 'Past Visits' on the website or mobile app. If you're not sure which pharmacy you selected, contact us.   

Medications prescribed during your visit are sent to the pharmacy same-day.  

After your care team has ordered your prescription, you can contact your pharmacy for prescription status updates. 

Questions about what we can prescribe? See our prescription policy.

First Stop Health doctors will send the prescription electronically to the pharmacy you chose when scheduling your visit. The pharmacy should contact you directly when your prescription is ready to be picked up. For status updates, contact the pharmacy.

Be sure to request your refill when you have 10 days of your medication left.   

For maintenance medications, we encourage you to establish a relationship with a virtual primary care doctor for refills.  

The quickest way to request a refill (once you are already established with a virtual primary care provider) is to have your pharmacist fax a request to us at 312-258-1553. After we receive the fax, your care team will process your request. You can contact your pharmacy directly for status updates, or message us if your request requires prior authorization.  

In some cases, a limited supply maintenance medications can be refilled by a First Stop Health Virtual Urgent Care doctor same-day. You can receive up to 3 refills of maintenance medications per calendar year. Request an urgent care visit. 

To refill medication that was prescribed by a First Stop Health doctor, you must request an urgent care visit.

Refilling a prescription through virtual primary care can take 1-3 business days or longer over holidays.


Due to federal laws, First Stop Health cannot prescribe or refill controlled substances, like Xanax and Adderall. However, your Virtual Primary Care team can connect you with a local in-person provider who can manage these types of medications for you. You will need to schedule a VPC visit to discuss this with a virtual primary care provider and to ask for the local provider referral. 


You should have received an email from, likely with the subject line “Your sick note is ready.” This email will have more information and include a button to take you to your sick note. 

Go to ‘Visits’ and select the visit with the sick note. Your sick note will be in the visit details and you can download it to your phone or computer as a PDF. You are free to send this PDF directly to your employer or school.  

Go to ‘Visits’ and select the visit you want to rate. Click on the stars and rate your visit using 1-5 stars. Be sure to leave a comment about your experience! Leaving a rating and feedback helps First Stop Health doctors and nurses continue to improve the care we provide. 

Go to ‘Visits’ and select the visit you want to review. In the visit details, you will find your chosen pharmacy, instructions from your doctor and more.