Buying the same old gift for staff this year? Here’s a better idea

December 19, 2014

Will Rumsey

1843: Bob Cratchit gets a turkey and a raise from Mr. Scrooge.

1955: The fruitcake. Enough said.

2001: Electronic gift cards. Year after year.

2014: The best employee gift since ... ever!

As a long-time manager, I know that it’s a challenge to decide what gift your company can afford to give employees. You want to show appreciation, be fair to all employees, give something their family members can enjoy, and keep it all within a typical budget of $50 to $75 per employee.

Guess what? This year, you don’t have to resign yourself to gift infamy. There’s a new gift within that average price range that “gives back” to companies all year long through major savings.

No, Virginia, it’s not too late to give your employees telehealth in the form of 24/7/365 phone and online access to a network of physicians. Our workshop of elves can add your employees to our system within the wink of an eye.

Give your employees the three things they really want: time, money and health. They will love having the ability to call a doctor from anywhere, any time, day or night, whenever they are, at no cost. It will save them so much money in avoided co-pays and deductibles that it’s like giving them a bonus!

Now for the part finance types will love. Giving immediate access to doctors will save you two to three times what you pay. No fruit basket can do that! More than 90% of calls to First Stop Health’s US-based board-certified doctors replace trips to doctors’ offices, immediate care clinics or ERs. And thanks to our industry-leading utilization, that means reduced claims against their employers’ health insurance policies.

We’re so confident that you’ll save more than you pay that we’ll back it up with a guarantee.

So, what’s a better holiday gift? The same old gift card, or telemedicine with a net zero cost?

Put on your Santa hat! You’ll have this gift wrapped up in no time. Learn how to get First Stop Health for your employees.

Originally published Dec 19, 2014 2:51:00 PM.