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April 16, 2024

First Stop Health

At First Stop Health, we are proud to provide care that people love® with our Telemedicine, Virtual Primary Care and Virtual Mental Health solutions. Members can connect with our doctors 24/7 and in under 6 minutes (on average). Plus, there is little-to-no cost for patients to use our services. Whether it’s a sore throat or prescription refill, we are here to help. Here’s what patients say about our virtual care solutions.


"My doctor listened to my symptoms and was very nice. This was the best experience I’ve had so far!"

FSH Patient, TX, April 2024


"It's hard to visit the doctor with my busy schedule. First Stop Health was a lifesaver!"

FSH Patient, IN, April 2024


"I felt heard and understood by the doctor. He listened to my concerns about the amount of medication I’ve been on in the last 6 months for a prior issue and assured me I would be okay with the medication he prescribed."

FSH Patient, MA, April 2024


"My doctor was great. She was very thorough, went over all my symptoms and gave me specific instructions. She was also very thorough with my current health issues and prescribed medication accordingly. I appreciate this service!"

FSH Patient, IN, April 2024


"I couldn’t believe how easy, convenient, and helpful First Stop Health was! My doctor was super nice and extremely knowledgeable! I can’t wait to recommend this service to all my coworkers!"

FSH Patient, RI, April 2024


"My doctor was incredibly kind and helpful. He was also well-versed in my medical condition/medication request. I appreciated his help!"

FSH Patient, TX, April 2024


"I called to discuss getting two prescriptions recommended for upcoming travel. My doctor immediately understood the reason for my call and explained which of the two he could prescribe and why.  First Stop Health is a great alternative for requesting a prescription compared with going to a local clinic, with savings in time, reduced exposure to sick people and especially savings in cost. I am glad First Stop Health is available."

FSH Patient, SC, March 2024


"My doctor is very informative, listens well and gave us a couple of options! I appreciate the quick turnaround time from when I scheduled the call on the app!"

FSH Patient, MN, March 2024


"The doctor was fantastic! He listened to what was going on and provided me with quick and helpful care. I will be using this service with much more confidence in the future. It was a very simple process!"

FSH Patient, IN, March 2024


"I felt so heard and taken care of by the doctor. Maybe I'm super sensitive because I feel sick, but she was compassionate like a mother, and today I needed that. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, FL, March 2024


"I was very pleased with the doctor who took the time to talk to me. He was very knowledgeable and asked a few questions about my health and any concerns I had about my health. I didn't realize how quickly my concerns could be resolved without even leaving my home. I absolutely love this!"

FSH Patient, NJ, March 2024


"Thank you! I was able to get my daughter a consult, medication and she's ready for school tomorrow!!  Very easy, fast and convenient!!"

FSH Patient, NC, March 2024


"I had a simple health issue resolved in just 2 minutes. This was so much more efficient than waiting around for 8 weeks to see a doctor, with a copay, for minor eczema."

FSH Patient, MA, March 2024


"The doctor was very personable and knowledgeable when discussing my symptoms. He provided a thorough explanation of the prescribed medications and treatment."

FSH Patient, MI, March 2024


"The doctor was very thorough. He gave good advice to get me through my current situation as well as how to progress if my situation did not improve."

FSH Patient, IA, March 2024


"This was my first time using First Stop Health. It was very easy to navigate and complete my information. The doctor called me right away and was very friendly while discussing my issue. The prescription was sent promptly to the pharmacy. Thank you for the help!"

FSH Patient, NY, February 2024


"The doctor was very professional and helpful. He was knowledgeable of medication and made me as a patient feel comfortable. One of the best experiences I’ve had during a health checkup!"

FSH Patient, CO, February 2024


"We got some great information about our son’s ailment. All questions answered and we are grateful for this service. The doctor was great. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, GA, February 2024


"The doctor called quickly after I submitted my inquiry. He was responsive, thorough, kind, and asked good questions. He prescribed an antibiotic which I think will help treat and alleviate my symptoms. Excellent service and responsiveness!"

FSH Patient, KY, February 2024


"I was coming out on the other side of Covid, but still having issues breathing and coughing. The doctor listened to me, walked me through the medications and it was so easy and quick! Super helpful not leaving the house while not feeling well."

FSH Patient, FL, February 2024


"This was my first time using a telehealth option. The app is user-friendly and I received a quick call back. The doctor was helpful and understanding. I will definitely use this service again!"

FSH Patient, CO, February 2024


"The doctor responded to my request promptly and was able to diagnose and prescribe medication for me in record time, all in an exceptionally professional manner! Thank you!"
FSH Patient, MN, February 2024


"This app has made talking to a doctor so easy! Quick service, very knowledgeable and a great experience!"

FSH Patient, TX, February 2024


"The doctor was quick to call and listened to symptoms. He obtained consent thoroughly before doing anything to discuss my child's illness. He provided just what she needed to recover."

FSH Patient, NJ, February 2024


"The doctor called within two minutes of when I booked the visit. He understood my concerns and got the antibiotic called in right away. This was so convenient without having to go to urgent care and get exposed to more germs!"
FSH Patient, NY, January 2024


"This was probably one of the best visits I have had with a doctor in over 10 years. My doctor was very thorough, patient, knowledgeable, and provided clinical evidence and reasoning behind prescription/medication choices. I would highly recommend!"

FSH Patient, MA, January 2024


"My telemedicine visit was easy to set up using the app. The doctor was quick to call me and was very professional and helpful!"

FSH Patient, ID, January 2024


"Quick, thorough, and helpful! The doctor understood what medication was safe with breastfeeding. I felt heard and understood! Thank you!"

FSH Patient, IL, January 2024


"First Stop Health is an absolute lifesaver. I could not be more pleased with all of the help I have received. My doctor was very pleasant to speak with and seemed genuine. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, NC, January 2024


"I had an ear infection but was afraid it would get worse over the weekend before I could get into a doctor's office. I called First Stop Health and spoke with a doctor within 30 minutes. He called in an antibiotic 10 minutes later and I picked it up on the way home that afternoon. This is a great service with no out-of-pocket cost!"

FSH Patient, FL, January 2024


"I am so grateful that we have the First Stop Health option as part of our health insurance plan. I would much rather be able to talk to a doctor over the phone or online about my issue than have to go to an office and sit in a waiting room with many other people and take the chance of getting something other than what I went in for at first."

FSH Patient, NJ, January 2024


"I’m so appreciative the doctor was able to treat me on a Saturday when my primary doctor is unavailable. I find it important to not go to the ER for things like this that can be resolved so quickly and conveniently."

FSH Patient, VA, December 2023


"The doctor was interested in my issue, thorough with his questions and quickly took care of my needs. I'm very happy to have this option!"

FSH Patient, MD, December 2023


"Setting this up was super easy. I got a prescription sent to my local pharmacy and I felt my concerns were listened to, all from the comfort of my couch!"

FSH Patient, SC, December 2023


"This service saved me a trip and money to go see my primary care doctor. The doctor I spoke with understood my symptoms and prescribed medication very quickly. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, FL, December 2023


"This was our first time using the First Stop Health app and I'm extremely pleased with the app and my experience. The doctor called us back within 15 minutes. He was very friendly and easy to communicate our issues with. I will be using this as my first choice going forward."

FSH Patient, NJ, December 2023


"The doctor was super friendly, readily offered information and prescribed medication for the symptoms I have! I highly recommend this service!"

FSH Patient, MI, December 2023


"Fast and easy. No waiting, the call came quickly and the doctor was very polite and helpful!"

FSH Patient, OK, November 2023


"I couldn’t believe that this was available on Thanksgiving Day! I woke up so sick and wasn’t sure what to do. I called and spoke with the nicest lady, and she said a doctor would be calling me in the next 30 minutes. I got a call from the doctor five minutes later she called me in a prescription, and I went to pick up my antibiotic within 30 minutes. Unbelievable!"

FSH Patient, IL, November 2023


"I had an issue that I normally would’ve gone to the emergency room for but remembered my employer provides this service. I decided to try it out instead of going to the emergency room and it was quick, easy and very convenient. The doctor was also very polite and kind!"

FSH Patient, AL, November 2023


"The doctor knew exactly what I was explaining and knew my pain. He was very friendly, yet professional and was very helpful! I'm positive he helped me extinguish my pain and health issues!"

FSH Patient, MD, November 2023


"I saw the doctor within 30 minutes of making the appointment. The appointment took less than 10 minutes, and the prescription was called in. It was very satisfying not having to wait in the office waiting room!"

FSH Patient, MA, November 2023


"The doctor listened and seemed genuinely eager to help. He was knowledgeable and throughout. It was a great and quick visit that saved my time and pockets!"

FSH Patient, NC, November 2023


"Such great service! The doctor called me immediately and listened to what I said was going on. I will definitely use this service again!"

FSH Patient, TX, November 2023


"I’ve had a terrible cough all week. I remembered First Stop Health and the doctor knew right away the best course of treatment. I am looking forward to a better night's sleep tonight!"

FSH Patient, GA, October 2023


"The doctor was efficient and straight to the point! It was great to share my symptoms and get help right away with less than a 5-minute wait to connect. In under 10 minutes, my prescription was at the pharmacy!"

FSH Patient, OH, October 2023


"My physician was terrific! She returned my call immediately and I was able to get the medicine I needed to feel better quickly. The prescription was sent to my pharmacy and a notification went to my phone as soon as our call ended. Thanks so very much!"

FSH Patient, CA, October 2023


"The doctor was patient, kind, and collaborative. She listened attentively to my concerns, educated me on treatment options, and asked if I was comfortable with the treatment plan. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have spoken to her today!"

FSH Patient, NY, October 2023


"This was the fastest I've ever been helped. I had my meds in my hand in roughly 20 minutes from when I requested a call. I don't think it would be possible to have helped me any faster. Thank you so very much!!"

FSH Patient, SC, October 2023


"I had a sore throat for a week and used the First Stop Health app. The doctor called within minutes and got me a prescription to start feeling better today. What a GREAT service!"

FSH Patient, TN, October 2023


"The doctor was great! This telehealth appointment saved us 3 hours of waiting at the doctor's office around other sick patients and potentially days of sickness for my daughter. This was a great experience - Thank you, doctor!"

FSH Patient, PA, October 2023


"As a full-time working mom, I often do not have time in the week to schedule doctor visits. I am grateful for the convenience of First Stop Health. The appointment was quick and easy to schedule, and the doctor was kind and knowledgeable."

FSH Patient, IL, October 2023


"The doctor was very nice and accommodating. She called back almost immediately. And within an hour, my medication was ready for pickup!"

FSH Patient, LA, October 2023


"The doctor was very effective in answering my questions and did not take long to give me a straightforward answer. I appreciate the efficiency!"

FSH Patient, MA, October 2023


"Very good experience! I love the convenience of First Stop Health. Everyone is so eager and polite while helping me!"

FSH Patient, TX, October 2023

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