Reviews About First Stop Health Telemedicine Benefits Experience

June 2, 2022

First Stop Health

At First Stop Health, we are proud to provide care that people love® with our Telemedicine, Virtual Primary Care and Virtual Mental Health solutions. Members can connect with our doctors 24/7 and in under 6 minutes (on average). Plus, there is little-to-no cost for patients to use our services. Whether it’s a sore throat or prescription refill, we are here to help. Here’s what patients say about our virtual care solutions.


“I was a first time user and couldn't be more happy with my experience. Everything was so easy and fast! When you're sick the last thing you want to do is sit in a waiting room forever so being able to do all of this from the comfort of my house is amazing! The doctor was so nice and really cared about what problems I was having. My prescriptions were sent to my pharmacy within minutes. I will be using this going forward. Thank you so much!” 

Amber, IN, May 2022 


“I have a rash and I’ve been trying OTC products but it just wasn’t working. I sent a picture and the doctor was able to prescribe me some cream for it. This was so easy and convenient! Thanks!” 

Robyn, ID, May 2022 


“At 4:30AM, I requested a visit with a physician. I assumed I would get a call during regular business hours, but a physician called within moments. I was probably on the phone with them for less than 2 minutes - we discussed my symptoms and they said they would order a prescription for me. Probably 5 minutes after that call, I received a text that my prescription order had been sent to my preferred pharmacy. It was all done so fast! I didn't have to leave my bed, get dressed, or see anyone. That's what I call convenient!” 

Cherletta, IN, May 2022 


“For some reason I could not get a call into my regular doctor's office. I tried calling a local urgent care, and got referred twice in response to a simple question that never did get answered. I remembered First Stop and once I logged on, I got a call back pretty quickly and got the answers I needed. Nice doctor!” 

Patricia, MO, April 2022 


“I have severe pain in my shoulder. The doctor was very friendly and asked just the right questions. They gave me suggestions on what to do so the pain begins to ease. The doctor was very thorough. Thank you!” 

Sara, IN, April 2022 


“Great visit and relieved with my diagnosis. That diagnosis is totally in line with sensitive skin issues I’ve experienced throughout my life.” 

Steven, MN, April 2022 


“I was traveling for work. Sinus infection. I called in and was diagnosed in two minutes. No wait. Couldn’t have been easier. My prescription was waiting for me at a nearby pharmacy. Awesome experience!” 

Peter, TN, April 2022 


“So helpful! As I was in the middle of nowhere, it was so convenient to be able to call. The doctor was extremely thorough and I am almost 100% now. Thank you!” 

Elisabeth, NV, April 2022


"I had severe tooth pain and lower/side jaw pain. Thought it might be an infection. Got a prescription for antibiotics while waiting on a dental appointment at the beginning of the week." 

Barbara, SC, April 2022


"I’ve been having neck pain throughout the week, and the doctor was incredibly helpful with gauging what I needed and helping me set up a further plan for treatment! Also just a really nice person, thank you!"

Clare, MA, April 2022


"How wonderful not to have to drudge out sick and wait in a waiting room. Total time spent was 15 minutes and I had my prescription. Can't wait to feel better! Awesome service and benefit!"

Tara, PA, April 2022


"First time using this service and I love it! Everything about it was amazing. The doctor was kind and professional and the ease of the process to send the prescription to the pharmacy is outstanding. I love how the conversation is recorded in case something was said that you missed and protects the company in case something was incorrectly said. Will use again in the future."

Jimilica, TN, April 2022


"The doctor made me feel valid and listened to, and I believe their action plan is likely to work. I also appreciate that they were very clear about what to do if the plan doesn't work, and they were kind while we talked."

Celina, MA, April 2022


"We requested a visit before visiting an urgent care, and the doctor gave us his advice and recommended being seen in an office rather than him trying to make a guess over a video visit. Quick. Easy. Professional."

Jonathan, PA, March 2022


"Had side effects from medicine. Nausea/vomiting and stomach pain. I made an appointment to talk to a doctor the next day to get a new prescription."

Tammy, TX, March 2022


"This is an awesome service! I didn't have to go to urgent care. The doctor was very personable & seemed to care. The phone call was quick & easy & I was able to get the medicine that I needed. Thank you!"

Sandra, OH, March 2022


"My first time using the service. It was fast and professional! The doctor asked a few questions and got me a script in 5 minutes. It would have taken me at least an hour to get seen at the nearest urgent care. Will definitely use this app again!"

Kate, NJ, March 2022 


"Loved it. I drove to a clinic and turned around in the parking lot because it was crowded. I went and used the app and was done before they would have called my turn."

Richard, NJ, March 2022 


"My visit was for a skin issue that I would have had to go to an urgent care clinic or ER on the weekend. The doctor called me within 10 minutes and I easily uploaded a picture for them to see. They were able to phone an antibiotic to the pharmacy so I could start treatment right away. The doctor was very friendly and professional."

Laurie, IN, March 2022 


"I called to get an appointment for my daughter and then myself. It went very well. The doctor was very thorough and asked great questions. They listened and took time to explain what he was prescribing. Excellent experience for our first visit here. We were visiting out of state and did not have a MD locally. We would have otherwise gone to an urgent care and I have other kids I would have had to bring along. This was awesome to have the visit by telemedicine and then pick up our medications."

Lilyan, RI, March 2022 


"I had felt symptoms for 2 days, but my work schedule does not allow time for me to take off for the doctor and hardly even a break to make a call to schedule an appointment. It is so fast and easy."

Christa, IN, March 2022 


"Quick phone call, chat, diagnosis, nice doctor, and was done in less than 5 minutes. Certainly saved my sanity from making an appointment, going to the doctor, and wasting probably 2 hours of my day. I would have called sooner if I had known it was so quick!"

Patricia, LA, March 2022 


"The CSR was extremely polite and empathetic as she asked her questions; She gave great customer service. The doctor called right away and was extremely kind in asking questions and making sure they understood my issues as we conversed. They made sure that I agreed with his diagnosis and how to use the prescriptions they were going to send to the pharmacy. Best visit at First Stop Health yet!" 

Robert, TX, February 2022 


"I had nagging symptoms but I was too busy to bother with them. Got email from employer about First Stop Health benefits, clicked into website. 15 minutes later had prescription waiting at pharmacy instead of uncomfortable symptoms. Thanks, First Stop Health."

Barbara, NJ, February 2022 


"Recently moved and have not set up with a primary care provider yet and First Stop was able to refill my prescription for me in the meantime! Thanks!"

Rio, OR, February 2022 


"Excellent experience.... My request was handled quickly and professionally. I completed my information online and had a call back from a doctor in less than 30 minutes. My prescription was sent to the pharmacy about the same time I finished the call with the doctor. My experience with First Stop Health saved me a copay, the headache of scheduling a doctor appointment, and the travel/waiting in a doctor’s office. I definitely recommend considering First Stop for your non-emergency health conditions."

Mark, TX, February 2022 


"I am having sinus problems, so I decided to use First Stop Health. I got online and filled out a small questionnaire to get started. A doctor called me back within about 3 minutes. They asked me what my symptoms were and if I was allergic to any meds. They then made the diagnosis and prescribed an antibiotic to be picked up at my pharmacy. A very simple procedure that took probably less than 10 or 15 minutes. And not a dime out of pocket. Best thing ever since sliced bread."

Robert, IL, February 2022 


"I was just inpatient for COVID-19, so certainly concerned when I was having severe pain in my rib area. Due to the time of night, my only other choice was the ER. The First Stop Health doctor talked me through symptoms to determine muscle pull or blood clot in lung and thank goodness he was right. I was able to relax and work through the issue without a trip to the ER."

Diane, WI, February 2022 


"I have not been feeling well for going on 4 weeks. Headache, congestion, cough, sore throat, no energy. I went to my doctor's and they confirmed I did not have COVID-19 or the flu, but I still did not feel well for weeks. First Stop Health helped me feel better in days. I paid a lot for my in-person doctor's visit. Telemedicine is included with my insurance. I can't believe I did not think to call them first to save money and get well faster."

Vicky, IN, February 2022 


"The team at First Stop Health was very helpful - with both the technical support to reset my password in order to upload photos and with the level of care provided. I was given immediate assistance after placing my request and the entire process was so simple yet effective for receiving excellent care."

Deena, TX, January 2022 


"It was quick and thorough. The doctor listened to my history and prescribed me meds to get me on my way. I couldn't ask for more. My family loves First Stop Health!"

Amie, TX, January 2022 


"I knew I had an ear infection since I’m prone. I’m a teacher so it’s tough to get away for appointments. I was amazed how quick and easy the appointment was. I was very happy with the service. Thank you!"

Rebecca, PA, January 2022 


"The doctor was very kind and professional. I am thankful to have a way to get help on a Saturday morning at 7am without having to wait to go to my doctor next week when my symptoms could worsen."

Traci, TN, January 2022 


"I was skeptical at first because I have never used telemedicine, but he made me feel comfortable, he was very knowledgeable and I feel better since taking my prescription they had prescribed."

Tammi, KY, January 2022 


"The doctor really took the time to listen and evaluate my son’s sports injury. I appreciated their insights and direction. Thank you!"

Aidan, NJ, January 2022 


"The wait time was longer than anticipated, but they did a good job of updating me via email that I was still in the queue (thank you). The doctor visit went great, I really liked as they explained things in detail to me in a manner I could understand.  I would say this was an excellent visit."

Kathy, TX, January 2022 


"My husband and I are out of town and both got sick over the holidays. We were able to call and get a same day appointment with a doctor. This is a great service. My doctor was easy to talk with and very thorough."

Paula, NC, January 2022  


"The doctor was legitimately concerned, extremely helpful, professional, fast, competent & courteous. They sent 2 prescriptions to Walgreens ASAP. Just as promised. I talked to a doctor & had both prescriptions in my hand within 1 hour. Outstanding! First Stop Health keep up the great work! 

Melita, IL, January 2022 

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