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September 6, 2023

First Stop Health

At First Stop Health, we are proud to provide care that people love® with our Telemedicine, Virtual Primary Care and Virtual Mental Health solutions. Members can connect with our doctors 24/7 and in under 6 minutes (on average). Plus, there is little-to-no cost for patients to use our services. Whether it’s a sore throat or prescription refill, we are here to help. Here’s what patients say about our virtual care solutions.


"My experience with First Stop Health was wonderful! The doctor happened to call while we were having a school fire drill. The doctor was very patient and understanding while the fire alarm was blaring in the background and cell service was cut off. Thank you so much for returning the call and being patient while I was out of the school building with my students during the drill. I appreciate the service!"

FSH Patient, KY, September 2023


"Great visit! My doctor was very detailed and patient with my questions. Follow-up emails were replied to in a very quick manner as well. It was a great experience and wish I had booked an appointment sooner!"

FSH Patient, ID, September 2023


"The doctor answered very quickly, listened carefully, and helped me with the medication I needed. I’m very grateful to the doctor and to First Stop Health."

FSH Patient, NJ, September 2023


"My doctor was amazing! The process was so quick and easy! I started my journey at 5 pm. At 5:08 she called me, and we chatted! At 5:13 pm I had a prescription for my UTI. By 5:32 pm I was picking up my medication at the pharmacy! What a relief! Use this service! Feel better fast!"

FSH Patient, NY, September 2023


"The doctor reached out within seconds of me scheduling a call! He thoroughly explained what my diet would be over the next week and the explanation of my prescription! This was my first time utilizing the telehealth services and it was definitely a 10 out of 10!"

FSH Patient, GA, September 2023


"Very professional and went over things to do to help with my congestion and sore throat. Telehealth is a great solution for my family."
FSH Patient, TN, September 2023


"Excellent experience today. I was concerned about having a sinus infection and UTI at the same time; however, this doctor prescribed me a medication that would take care of both issues. Friendly and efficient as well!"

FSH Patient, LA, September 2023


"My doctor really listened to me, paid attention to my chart, and showed actual concern for my health. It was very refreshing!"

FSH Patient, NY, September 2023


"I have a case of poison ivy that’s gotten out of control and I’m miserable. I’m so appreciative that I got a call back from the doctor in less than 30 minutes on a Sunday evening. Amazing! Quick and easy!"
FSH Patient, NH, August 2023


"Amazing service! I could not be happier. Without it, I would've had to go without my medication for 2 days at least."
FSH Patient, TX, August 2023


"The doctor truly listens to your concerns and symptoms! Thank you so much for your prompt callback and for sending to the pharmacy what I needed!"

FSH Patient, OH, August 2023


"My primary care physician required a visit for a recurring UTI. I called First Stop Health and my call was returned immediately by my doctor who took care of the problem in no time. My husband has picked up the antibiotic and it will be waiting for me when I get home from work!"

FSH Patient, TN, August 2023


"Awesome customer service. Virtually no wait. I had a very professional and friendly doctor who provided a quick diagnosis with clear advice for treatment. What more could you ask for!"

FSH Patient, NJ, August 2023


"Quick, Easy, and so thankful it saved me an expensive trip. I was able to complete this on demand and from the time I requested an appointment to the end of my call was less than 5 minutes - which helps so much since I have a jam-packed schedule!"

FSH Patient, MA, August 2023


"Very impressive. I got a phone call within 3 minutes of my requesting a doctor. The doctor determined my illness quickly and turned in a prescription to my pharmacy. This was a great first impression by the doctor and the First Stop Health app!"

FSH Patient, MN, August 2023


"This was a first for me. It was super easy & it relieved so much of the stress I had of getting into a doctor's office/urgent care/ER and wondering how I was going to pay. I felt heard and cared for. I'm so happy."

FSH Patient, TN, August 2023


"She was very kind and understanding of my situation and pain. My doctor is outstanding and she actually takes the time to listen to you."

FSH Patient, NM, August 2023


"The doctor was incredibly patient, kind and asked all the right questions in a gentle manner. He also prescribed the needed medication. So thankful!"

FSH Patient, PA, July 2023


"The doctor was thorough, listened, asked appropriate questions to get my history, and is giving me several referrals for things I need. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, TX, July 2023


"A+, Great service. You can tell the doctor genuinely cares about us as his patients."

FSH Patient, VA, July 2023


"Called in with a persistent mouth rash that first prescription didn’t help. The doctor immediately evaluated my current condition & called in another prescription. This app couldn’t be better. From the medical professionals to the customer service, 5 stars."

FSH Patient, IN, July 2023


"The call from the doctor was extremely prompt, much quicker than I expected. He was thorough, asking many questions and reaffirming information during the call. Great service!"

FSH Patient, CA, July 2023


"This is awesome. It took minutes what would normally take hours going into urgent care. The doctor was so kind and caring.  I wish my General Practitioner was like him.  I would highly recommend this to all my friends and coworkers."

FSH Patient, FL, July 2023


"This doctor was wonderful to us. He made us feel much better! We were on vacation & away from home. Our son had stomach pains that he’s not had before. Thanks to First Stop Health, our son felt better faster than if we would have gone to urgent care!"

FSH Patient, NY, July 2023


"My doctor takes the time to explain everything clearly and concisely. She's the best decision I ever made for a Primary Care Physician."

FSH Patient, IL, July 2023


"Fast response. The doctor asked questions about my issues and called in medication to my local pharmacy. Fast, efficient and I didn't have to sit in a waiting room with other sick people!"

FSH Patient, VA, July 2023


"Talked to a doctor and he was absolutely amazing and very understanding with my issue. He prescribed me medication and told me to follow up with a specialist. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, MA, July 2023


"I realized my kid had a strep infection at 9:00 PM. We should have antibiotics first thing in the morning without a trip to urgent care. The doctor is awesome!"

FSH Patient, IN, June 2023


"Thank you for calling me so quickly. The doctor was patient, kind, knowledgeable and called me in a prescription. I didn’t have to leave my house to see a doctor or be around other sick people at the doctor’s office. Happy patient!"

FSH Patient, FL, June 2023


"The doctor was amazing and very compassionate! Her virtual bedside manner was top notch helping me through a difficult time. Keep up the great work!"

FSH Patient, AR, June 2023


"I needed a prescription fast for a hives breakout. The call was quick and was able to get the prescription same day!"

FSH Patient, PA, June 2023


"My doctor is amazing! She is easy to talk to, and made me feel like she is truly concerned with helping me feel better. She explained things and gave me natural ways to combat my symptoms that no other physician has ever mentioned. I’m looking forward to continuing my health journey with her!"

FSH Patient, LA, June 2023


"My doctor was so incredibly pleasant and made the visit super easy! I was able to get the medicine I needed within a 5 minute call. He was knowledgeable, made sure I addressed all issues I was having, and added a sense of comfort to the visit!"

FSH Patient, PA, June 2023


"From the time I entered the request for a phone appointment to the time I concluded the call with the doctor, it was exactly 6 minutes! She was extremely professional and answered all my questions. This saved me hours of time and the $100 I would have had to pay had I gone to Urgent Care. I am very pleased with the service!"

FSH Patient, VA, June 2023


"The doctor was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He was very kind and empathic while treating my daughter’s symptoms, and my concerns. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, PA, June 2023


"The consult was amazing! My son needed a script for pink eye. The doctor sent it in quickly and we were able to start treating my sons condition. This was a very quick and hassle free process. Thank you for taking the stress out of this process."

FSH Patient, IN, June 2023


"We are on vacation and needed some help. The doctor was fantastic. We could not be more pleased. He was prompt and available on a Sunday and his virtual bedside manner was great."

FSH Patient, FL, May 2023


"She was efficient and thorough. The visit went quickly and I was able to get care with my prescription being sent off within minute after the call ended. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, VA, May 2023


"Thoughtful questions, quick response, and easier than having to bring my kids with me to the doctor!"

FSH Patient, IN, May 2023


"He handled my case very professionally and showed genuine concern. He also set me up with the proper meds and had me feeling better in a couple days! I absolutely appreciated his help!"

FSH Patient, PA, May 2023


"The convenience of First Stop Health is literally the best! I wish all doctor visits could be this painless and easy. Plus the doctor was very nice and understanding."

FSH Patient, NM, May 2023


"The doctor was wonderful. He really listened to my concerns and gave me tailored medical advice based on my current symptoms and medical history. 5/5"

FSH Patient, VA, May 2023


"I'm always so appreciative of the very professional and prompt service provided. This is really a convenient answer to getting help without having to go to a doctor, especially when you're not feeling well. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, OH, May 2023


"Once I hit submit, my phone rang within 2 minutes. We discussed my son's needs, answered some questions and I had the antibiotic prescription I needed. It was quick and hassle free. I’m so grateful for this service!"

FSH Patient, TX, May 2023


"So incredibly quick and efficient! The doctor was so kind and I felt like she genuinely cared about my symptoms and wanted to help. 5 stars well-deserved!"

FSH Patient, VA, May 2023


"If I hadn’t called, I probably would have spent hours in the ER and a lot of money with the same result. Thank you for listening to my symptoms and giving me good advice!"

FSH Patient, OH, May 2023


"The doctor was very thorough, made sure to repeat instructions, informed me on why it wouldn't be other injuries, and was a joy to talk to! Hopefully I won't have to call back for another sprained ankle, but if I did have to, I'd chose this doctor! Thanks!"

FSH Patient, IN, April 2023


"Fantastic! This is my first time using First Stop Health and I'm thrilled. I woke up this morning with conjunctivitis symptoms and requested a phone consult. The doctor called me in about 15 minutes. He was very personable and helpful, and a prescription was sent to my drug store immediately. I will definitely be using First Stop Health again. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, OH, April 2023


"Grateful for your service. Timesaver! It's a relief when I can skip the hassle of having to make a visit to the primary care doctor's office for issues like allergies that are dealt with every allergy season. We value the caregivers! Thank you!"

FSH Patient, TN, April 2023


"Thank you! He was so quick to answer my call and very compassionate listening to my symptoms. I so appreciate this option!"

FSH Patient, OH, April 2023


"Very quick appointment, but thorough. The doctor listened to me and understood the whole picture before moving on to the diagnosis and prescription recommendations. I love this service!"

FSH Patient, OR, April 2023


"Love FSH! I woke up with an eye infection and in 10 minutes, I had a call. And 6 minutes from there, a prescription sent to the pharmacy. Not only was the doctor attentive, but I was nervous since it was on my eye, and he made me feel better - not stressed."

FSH Patient, TN, April 2023


"He was great! The doctor was not only thorough, but he was compassionate as well. I highly recommend using this service for immediate help and relief from a knowledgeable doctor!"

FSH Patient, OH, April 2023


"The doctor was awesome. Never rushed me through our conversation and made me feel cared for. I'm so glad he was the doctor that called me. I feel so lucky to have him help me. Thank you for your care and concern!"

FSH Patient, NY, April 2023


"The doctor was excellent. Very thorough. Called me late at night and made sure everything was clear and concise in what I needed to do!"

FSH Patient, NC, April 2023 


"This was far easier than having to wait to see my primary care doctor, or, be forced to wait for Urgent Care. The doctor was prompt and addressed my issues immediately."

FSH Patient, PA, March 2023


"Quickest response I've ever had with a doctor. Asked a few questions, gave me recommendations and a prescription in a matter of minutes! I will definitely use this service in the future for my medical issues."

FSH Patient, MN, March 2023


"The doctor took the time to actually listen to what my concerns were. She took her time answering every question I had with a detailed answer. I can't wait to talk with her in the future for any concerns I may have."

FSH Patient, PA, March 2023


"Quick and easy! The doctor was able to see the photo I uploaded and was able to prescribe me an antibiotic over the phone. Much easier than an urgent care visit. Thank you!"

FSH Patient, NJ, March 2023


"The doctor was very informative and provide a treatment plan. The treatment plan was explained and a time frame provided if issue should continue. Excellent service!"

FSH Patient, IL, March 2023


"I love how quickly the doctor called us back. He was very kind and reassuring. Within 10 min we were on our way to the pharmacy to pick up the medication he prescribed. Great experience!"

FSH Patient, VA, March 2023


"The doctor was very thorough, answered my questions, and was very kind. The whole process was very efficient and if I could give more stars, I would!"

FSH Patient, FL, March 2023


"The doctor was amazing! He was understanding, helpful and efficient."

FSH Patient, TX, March 2023


"She was incredibly patient and caring. Definitely a doctor I felt comfortable talking to and felt I fully understood everything that was said during the call."

FSH Patient, IL, March 2023

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