Reviews About First Stop Health Telemedicine Benefits Experience

March 15, 2016

First Stop Health

First Stop Health is a service company at heart. We’re all about helping our clients and their employees––ensuring they have the best possible experience when it comes to their telemedicine benefits.

To provide that experience, First Stop Health must be ready for anything and everything that’s thrown our way. Let’s be real, being sick is never convenient.

But our 24/7 service makes sure that no matter the time, no matter the situation, First Stop Health is there.

Here’s what our clients have to say about the times when telemedicine truly made a difference in their lives:

For the Time You’re Away From Home

“I have had 2 experiences thus far Using First Stop Health. One I was out of state, was able to get a doctor on the phone quickly, my medicine prescribed and enjoy my vacation. The 2nd, was at home, with no transportation, talked to friendly intake caller, and the doctor called me in a very fast manner. Was able to get the medication I needed quickly. I would recommend First Stop Health to everyone, as it saves time, is user friendly and keeps life going without big interruptions. I am VERY Impressed!!” ~ Mandy

For the Time You Don’t Have Time

“I was blown away with the overall experience. My call was answered promptly and the person that helped me was very friendly and helpful. She took all of my information and said a doctor would call me within an hour. It was minutes later that I received a call from him (the doctor) and he was also very friendly and helpful! Minutes after that, I received a call from someone that called me to say that the prescription had been called into the pharmacy!! Excellent customer service all the way around! The best part was that all of that took no longer than 10 minutes! If I had to go to the doctor’s office it would have taken well over 2 hours plus the time away from work and the drive to the doctor and back to work. Thanks for offering this service – I will most definitely use it again!” ~ Kris

For the Time Your Child Gets Sick

“My daughter was really sick when First Stop Health was called. After a round of antibiotics (and avoiding a $100 doctor visit!), she was all better.” ~ Anonymous

For the Time You Need to Save

“It was an excellent experience. I found the person taking my information helpful, and very pleasant. The doctor who I spoke with provided over the counter suggestions, along with a prescription. I was able to save money on my co-pay, and time by not having to wait for an appointment. The prescription was called in for me, and ready on my way home from work. I’ve recommended this service to all of my co-workers” ~ Joan

For the Time Your Chronic Illness Acts Up

“I called First Stop Health recently because my asthma was acting up and my doctor was unavailable. The nurse I spoke with was very kind and took down details and I was promptly called back by a doctor. Actually the doctor had to call me twice because I missed the first call because I had left my phone in another room. So glad he called back. He talked with me about what was going on and said he would call in a prescription, he also gave me directions for some medicine I already had. A nurse then called me and let me know she had called in my prescriptions. Without this, I would have ended up wasting time in an ER or urgent care for something that is an ongoing problem. It was so nice to have a doctor to talk to when my normal doctor was unavailable. This is a great service!” ~ Dawn

From the hr department

"As you can see, we have a few fans. These experiences span many different medical and family situations among multiple types of clients. Upon selecting First Stop Health's telemedicine services, requested that activation be completed in two weeks time. While on-boarding typically requires a month, FSH worked in conjunction with benefits team to create a customized Engagement Program and integrate census data seamlessly for all participants to have access. This process was managed and facilitated by FSH with minimal requirements from PSC of time and resources." ~ Dawn, HR Associate

Rolling out this new telemedicine benefit to our employees was seamless. From developing co-branded marketing pieces with us, to walking us through file transfer step-by-step, First Stop Health ushered us through the onboarding process with expertise and enthusiasm.” ~ Lindsay, HR Associate
“Our client is very happy with their decision to move forward with First Stop Health.  The service has been well received by their employees and the utilization is already exceeding expectations.” ~ Martin, Benefits Consultant

As you can see, we have a few fans. These experiences span many different medical and family situations among multiple types of clients.

With First Stop Health, great patient experiences stem from our tireless effort not just serving patients, but educating members about when, how and why to use their telemedicine benefit. We are the only company that is so confident we will drive high utilization, and great patient experience, that we guarantee it. Employers are guaranteed that we will drive more savings in avoided visits to the ER, urgent care and physician than they pay us in costs.

Originally published Mar 15, 2016 12:00:00 PM.