Standalone vs. Carrier-Embedded Virtual Care Solutions

February 13, 2024

First Stop Health

When choosing a virtual care solution, benefits consultants must consider what will bring the most value to clients and employers must consider what will bring the most value to their workforce. A standalone solution that runs independently from the carrier removes many shortfalls of a carrier-embedded solution. Here are 3 differentiators of a standalone solution:   

  1. Quick-Access to Free Care: Extensive wait times are becoming more common with carrier-embedded virtual care. Scalable doctor networks that are directly contracted with a standalone solution combat long wait times. Members must have access to care within minutes and that care should be free to them and their dependents (as the member defines “dependent”, not just those on the group health plan). No fees are charged to members and claims are not billed to the group health plan.     
  2. Dedicated, Hands-On Support Teams: As members should get the support they need within minutes, employers and their benefits consultants must also have access to a responsive support team. Standalone solutions offer dedicated account managers to assist with day-to-day needs, as well as a broader support team for technical, product and other miscellaneous questions. All matters should be addressed with urgency just as with members' health concerns.  
  3. Implementation & Eligibility Made Easy: Partnering with a standalone solution means skipping the wait for renewals. Implementation can take place at any time during the year and in just 4 weeks. With a simple file feed, all members (identified by their employer) have access to virtual care on day 1. Members should be preregistered to make accessing their account easy (only needing their first name, last name and date of birth to get care).  

The First Stop Health (FSH) Difference  

FSH Enhanced Primary Care, Virtual Urgent Care and Whole Person Mental Health solutions deliver patient-first, $0 care to members where and when they need it. As FSH runs independently from carriers, virtual visits do not incur claims, all members are pre-registered for easy access to their accounts and implementation is turnkey.  FSH puts its fees at risk and offers performance guarantees on utilization or return on investment to ensure solution efficacy. 

Enhanced Primary Care: A Virtual Home Designed for Everyone. We aim to be a virtual medical home for patients and to meaningfully change the way they think about a primary care relationship. Scheduling is available as soon as next day with a virtual doctor for chronic issues and prevention. Members currently have access to urgent care plus a wrap network of health coaches, dieticians, physical therapists and onsite biometrics starting 8/1/2024. Case management, advocacy and steerage from registered nurses that goes beyond care coordination will also be available 8/1/2024.   

Virtual Urgent Care: Tried-And-True Care. Members can connect with a doctor in minutes via phone, app, or web. 24/7 access to a virtual doctor for minor illness and injury. Doctors offer advice and steerage in the next step of your healthcare journey.    

Whole Person Mental Health: Care for the Whole Person. Includes our current solution-focused counseling from therapists for things like anxiety, depression, and stress for support within minutes and appointments within days. Coming 1/1/2025 is Whole Person Mental Health, which includes guidance from therapists for long-term therapy and behavioral coaches around finance, tobacco cessation, and personal goals.  

Originally published Feb 13, 2024 10:03:53 PM.