Reasons to love virtual primary care

February 13, 2024

First Stop Health

Getting the care you need can sometimes feel like a maze. From finding a doctor who is affordable and in-network to worrying about healthcare costs, it’s a lot to manage while focusing on your health.  

That’s why we are excited that you have access to First Stop Health. We make it simple to prioritize your health. Here are 3 reasons we think you’ll love using First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care! 


You don’t have to wait for care. 

Today, seeing a doctor can take weeks or possibly months. Our doctors often have availability within days, with most of our patients seeing a doctor within 3-5 days of scheduling.  

Don’t worry about being rushed out the door or not having enough time to ask questions. You’ll have up to 30 minutes of dedicated time with your doctor (did we mention our visits always start on time?). If you do forget to ask a question or have any concerns after your visit, you’ll have access to your care team via a secure messaging center.  


It’s care from where you’re comfortable. 

We know that it can be hard to find time in your schedule to prioritize your health. Whether you’re a caretaker for your family, always on the go or just have a lot on your mind, it’s easy to let your health get away from you. 

That’s why we meet you wherever you are! Virtual primary care lets you speak to a doctor via phone or video from anywhere that you feel comfortable.   



Our doctors are here for you!  

Dealing with your health is a personal matter. When it comes to finding the right doctor, making sure you feel heard and well cared for matters. We could go on and on about our wonderful virtual primary care doctors, but we think words from patients like you speak volumes:  

  • “Great doctor visit!! It has been a very long time since I felt heard, understood and had a partner in health. I look forward to following the doctor’s guidance and next steps.” — First Stop Health Patient 


  • “My doctor made me feel very comfortable and heard about a sensitive topic that I was reluctant to call about in the first place. I really appreciated them!” — First Stop Health Patient 


  • “This is the first time I had a doctor spend time talking to me about nutrition, diet and exercise! My doctor is kind, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.” — First Stop Health Patient 


  • “I am very happy to have found my doctor. They were easy to talk with and make a plan for my care. They were refreshingly positive and genuinely caring. I travel/relocate for my job frequently which makes comprehensive care plans and routine screenings a challenge. They jumped right in and developed a workable plan with ease. It was great to make a real connection.” — First Stop Health Patient 


Get started with virtual primary care. 

Ready to schedule your visit? If your employer or school offers you First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care, our doctors are here to provide care you will love. During your first visit, your doctor will get to know your personal and family health history, ask questions, listen to your concerns, and make recommendations for your current and future health.     

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Originally published Feb 13, 2024 2:29:02 PM.