Telemedicine & Virtual Counseling

First Stop Health Launch Kit


Let's launch First Stop Health!

Below are some quick and easy next steps to get your employees excited for their new virtual care benefits. 

Send a pre-launch email to your employees.

Let your employees know what’s coming. Try this email template, but feel free to adjust as appropriate. It’s best practice to attach overview flyers for both products to the email.

  • Email Subject: Benefit Update: Your NEW 24/7 doctor and counselor access!

  • Email Body:
Starting [DATE], [COMPANY] provides Telemedicine and Virtual Counseling to [ELIGIBLE EMPLOYEES] and their [ELIGIBLE FAMILY MEMBERS]. Both services are completely confidential.
Telemedicine: Talk to a Doctor 24/7
Avoid ER, urgent care and in-person visits!
- On-demand visits via phone or video
- Diagnosis and treatment in minutes
- Prescriptions when appropriate*
- Care for sinus infection, UTI, cough, allergies, COVID-19, minor injury, headache, fever, skin rash and more
- [COPAY] per visit

Virtual Counseling
Get support and guidance from the comfort and safety of home.
- Licensed counselors available nationwide
- Support for depression, anxiety, relationships, family stress, substance use and more
- Scheduled appointments or real-time guidance
- [COPAY] per visit

Announce FSH on Slack, Teams or other chat platforms.

Use the text below to provide a quick overview of FSH in newsletters or chat platforms.

  • BENEFIT INFO: [COMPANY] will offer telemedicine and virtual counseling to [ELIGIBLE EMPLOYEES] and their [ELIGIBLE FAMILY MEMBERS]. [It will be free to use!] OR [A visit costs just COPAY!] [Attach overview flyer]

  • Interested in saving time and money on healthcare? Starting [BENEFIT START DATE], [ELIGIBLE EMPLOYEES] will have access to First Stop Health, a new telemedicine and virtual counseling benefit!

✔️ Care for cold, flu, Rx refill, COVID-19, headache, allergies & more

✔️ Talk about anxiety, depression, relationships, grief & more

✔️ [COPAY] per visit
To learn more, download the flyer! [Attach overview flyer] 

Have your employees download the mobile app. 

The simple, secure mobile app is the easiest way to use First Stop Health. With it, you can:

  • Request a doctor in a few clicks
  • Download your sick note
  • Update your profile 
  • View doctor instructions
  • Listen to video recordings

This link will send employees to the Google Play store on Android and the App Store on iPhone or desktop:


Use these additional assets as you see fit! 

Co-branding is key! Create a seamless engagement experience by adding either your logo or your client’s logo to the below assets.

Choose from three color options below depending on needs and marketing strategy: FSH Red, Blue, or Gray.


Overview Flyers:

Service Overview: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]

App Download: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]

ER Steerage Flyer: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]

Top 10 Reasons Flyer: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]

Virtual Counseling FAQs: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]


Telemedicine Flyers:

Allergies: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]

Flu Season: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]

Vacation Care: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]

Summer Health: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]

New Years Support: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]


Virtual Counseling Flyers:

Burnout: [Red] [Blue] [Gray] 

Depression & Anxiety: [Red] [Blue] [Gray] 

Self-Compassion: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]

Seasonal Affective Disorder: [Red] [Blue] [Gray]

Engagement Insights

  • Members who are emailed about First Stop Health are 8 times more likely to use telemedicine.

  • Most-opened member-facing welcome email subject lines include the client name, “Telemedicine,” “Virtual Counseling,” and “Benefit Update” or “Benefit Info.”

  • In fall, visits for chest congestion, sinus issues and sore throats increase.

  • The age group that uses virtual counseling the most are 18-39 years old.

  • Some of the most popular telemedicine subject lines are:
     - Telling apart COVID-19, the flu, strep and common cold.
     - Doctor visits on your time
     - Top 10 reasons to use telemedicine

  • Some of the most-opened virtual counseling subject lines are:
     - Don't go through the hard times alone
     - Mental healthcare from the comfort of home

For more engagement tips, reach out to First Stop Health Director of Business Development Andia Paz to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with our engagement team.