Here's Why Patients Love First Stop Health

October 14, 2021

First Stop Health

“I love this!” is feedback we get from real First Stop Health patients all the time. And we get it — there's a lot to love about the ability to request a doctor via mobile app and get treatment in MINUTES! Here's why:

1. It's quick and convenient. Doctors typically call back within 3 minutes, and there’s no stress, travel, or paperwork involved.

"Literally, 7 minutes total. No waiting in a crowded room. Prescription was sent to my pharmacy. LOVE this process!"

— Bonnie, FL


2. Telemedicine sure beats the doctor’s office. You can get care when and where you need it. 

"I love that I didn't have to spend an hour plus between driving to the doctor's, then sitting in the waiting room forever, then driving home, all to spend 3 minutes in the exam room with the doctor."

— Jessica, OH

3. Our doctors care. 

"I love this service. The doctors are caring, straightforward, and super knowledgeable. The money it saves is nice, but the time is what I value most."

— Katherine, TX

4. We make caring for your kids a little easier. First Stop Health doctors treat a wide range of symptoms in children and teens, and there’s no age minimum to use the service.

"Love love love! Getting care for my little one over the phone prevents the rest of my kids from getting sick at the doctor's office where there are other sick patients."

— Bruce, FL


5. You can keep your weekend. Our doctors are available 24/7, even on holidays. 

"I love that when you are not feeling well on a Saturday afternoon, you can get the help you need."

— Patricia, UT


6. You can keep your money, too. First Stop Health is provided by your employer, usually at no cost to you (some members have a small visit fee). 

"I love using this service — it saves me money on copays, and the time spent not waiting in the doctor's office!"

— Justin, IA


So, how about you? Why do you love First Stop Health? 

If your employer provides you with First Stop Health and you haven’t given us a try yet, you can learn more about the patient experience here. We hope you don’t get sick anytime soon, but if you do, we’re here to provide care you will love.


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Originally published Oct 14, 2021 4:29:03 PM.