Meet the Doctors Behind First Stop Health 


December 31, 2021

First Stop Health

You know that First Stop Health provides quick, convenient care for things like allergies, skin rash, sinus infections and more. You know that telemedicine gives you the ability to talk to a doctor via phone or video — but have you ever wondered who those doctors are? 

In the words of our patients, our doctors are:

  • "Quick to call and kind” - Elyse, TX
  • "Thorough” - Diana, TX
  • "A pleasure to speak with” - Edward, FL
  • "Incredibly kind and compassionate” - Laurel, PA
  • "Awesome 👍”- Nathaniel, TN
  • "Compassionate and understanding” - Melissa, FL
  • "Straightforward and friendly” - William, WA
You get the idea: First Stop Health doctors are pretty great. They make themselves available around the clock to provide care you will love. 


Here’s what else you should know. First Stop Health doctors:

  • Are experienced experts in their field. All First Stop Health doctors are board-certified in their field of medicine. Most of our doctors specialize in family, internal, or emergency medicine but all have strong telemedicine experience. On average, First Stop Health doctors have 10 years of post-residency experience practicing in the field.
  • Are licensed in all 50 states. No matter where you are in the U.S., you will talk to a doctor who is licensed in your state.
  • Call you back ASAP! They call each patient back in 6 minutes on average, so that you can feel better, faster and get back to life. 
  • Write prescriptions* when appropriate. First Stop Health doctors often write prescriptions for common drugs including antihistamines, antibiotics, antiviral medications and steroid creams. Doctors can also prescribe refills of regular medications for asthma, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and more.
  • Can provide care in Spanish. During the intake process you can request to speak with a Spanish speaking doctor. (If a Spanish-speaking doctor is not available at the time of your request, an expert interpreter can provide translation during your visit.)

Meet Our Doctors 

We have many doctors in our network, so for now we’ll just introduce you to a few. 




Dr. Stephen Cohen, MD, MBDA, FACS, FACS, FACR 

Dr. Cohen is a full-time academic physician leading the way to improve access and quality of care. You can learn more about him on our Instagram!




  • Specialty: Surgery
  • Why he loves FSH: “I love First Stop Health’s commitment to patient care and satisfaction.”
  • Words he lives by: “I treat every patient how I’d like my mother to be treated.” 






Dr. Jim Bovienzo

Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT, Dr. Bovienzo currently resides and practices medicine in midtown Manhattan (and sometimes, Maui, Hawaii!). He is currently an attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital and an associate professor of emergency medicine at Zucker Hofstra School of Medicine. He has previously interned in Portland, ME, completed a residency in emergency medicine in NYC and an EMS fellowship in Albany, NY. 



  • Why he loves FSH: “The incredibly talented and engaging people that make up our organization.”
  • Hobbies/Interests: "I like fly fishing, I own a horse and a donkey, and enjoy hikes and traveling the world."
  • Fun Fact: Dr. Bovienzo was a police officer for 3 years before attending medical school.




Dr. Theresa L. Woodard

Dr. Woodard has practiced medicine for over 23 years and holds active medical and DEA licenses in several states. She has Bachelor of Science degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering and a medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine. 




  • Specialty: Internal Medicine
  • Why she loves FSH: "The FSH staff is exceptional, the physician's user platform is great and it's always wonderful to help patients even when you can't physically be there for them."




Talk to a Doctor 24/7

If your employer or school provides you with First Stop Health telemedicine, our doctors are here to provide convenient, compassionate care. Log in or get the app to talk to a doctor in MINUTES.

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*Prescription costs applicable to your medical plan.

Originally published Dec 31, 2021 2:28:46 PM, updated April 21, 2022.