Women’s Health: The Importance of Proactive Care

January 24, 2023

Dr. Brittany Brooks, Assistant Director of Virtual Primary Care

You might think you need a doctor only when something is wrong. But that’s not the case! A primary care doctor can help you assess your health on a yearly basis and provide you with guidance on what steps to take next. 

Still not sure? Here are answers to popular questions about having a personal doctor.  


When is it time to see a doctor? 


It’s never a bad time to schedule your first doctor’s visit! Whether you’ve never felt better or if you’re concerned about your health, there are plenty of reasons to go.  

One big reason to see a doctor, even when you feel healthy, is to get the necessary screenings that can indicate what’s going on in your body. These include things like cholesterol and diabetes tests as well as cancer screenings.  

Your doctor can also help develop a plan to stay feeling healthy or set goals and steps to get you back to feeling yourself.  


Why use virtual primary care?  

Health care these days can seem complex and confusing. But here’s why we think you’ll love virtual primary care!  

  1. Care on your time. Forget budgeting an extra hour for your doctor’s visit just to sit in the waiting room. Our scheduled visits start on time so you’re never rushed. 
  2. Doctors via phone or video. Sometimes it’s just easier to get care from where you’re comfortable. Just request a visit on our free mobile app or at fshealth.com!  
  3. Scheduled visits in minutes. Scheduling your appointment is simple and can be done in just a few clicks! You’ll tell us a little about yourself and pick a doctor that best meets your needs.  


How can virtual primary care help you? 

Annual health check-ups. If you’re looking to stay on top of your health, then having your annual check-up is a great place to start. Our doctors can discuss any concerns or questions you may have, as well as help you set health goals that are achievable and fit your lifestyle.  

Gender-related health and wellness. Your doctor can help answer questions about things like birth control, menstrual issues, menopause and more. If it’s time for your pap smear or mammogram, your doctor can help you navigate where to go for care.  

Referrals and lab orders. Knowing when it’s time for your next screening can be challenging. Your primary care doctor will help guide you when it’s time, and provide referrals to in-network screenings. Orders for lab work to better understand your current health can also be provided by your doctor.  

Mental healthcare. Your mental health matters just as much as your physical health. That’s why you can get diagnoses, prescriptions and referrals from your doctor to address what you’re going through. Get care for things like anxiety, depression and more.  



Get started with virtual primary care.

If your employer or school offers you First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care, our doctors are here to provide care you will love. During your first visit, your doctor will get to know your personal and family health history, ask questions, listen to your concerns, and make recommendations for your current and future health.   

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Originally published Jan 24, 2023 5:12:43 PM.