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Virtual Primary Care Launch Kit for HR


Let's launch Virtual Primary Care!

Below are some quick and easy next steps to get your employees ready and excited for their new benefit.

Order promotional worksite materials. (FREE!)

We'd love to send flyers and magnets to your worksite(s). You can hand these materials out at launch, open enrollment or new hire orientations. 

Request Worksite Materials

Send a pre-launch email to your employees.

Let your employees know what's coming. Try this email template:

  • Subject Line:  
    You now have First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care! 

  • Email Body:
Starting Apr. 1, 2024, B&I Contractors provides First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care in addition to your 24/7 doctor access and virtual counseling. A visit costs $0. 

Virtual primary care gives you the benefit of ongoing care from a personal doctor from the comfort of home, saving you time and money. Use this service to talk to a doctor via phone or video for:
  • Prevention & Wellness: Check in on your current health and make a personalized plan to stay healthy and strong.
  • Health Management: Support managing asthma, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, COPD and more. 
  • Mental Healthcare: Diagnosis and prescriptions for depression, anxiety and more. You still have virtual counseling, too.
  • 24/7 Urgent Care: You still have on-demand access to doctors 24/7 for simple health issues like cold, flu, UTI, skin rash and more.
  • Care for Your Family: Your immediate family members are included! Dependents under 18 are welcome to use FSH for urgent care issues. Adults can use FSH for urgent and primary care.
  • Referrals, Tests & More: Just like at an in-person visit, First Stop Health doctors can provide referrals, test orders, documentation and more.
Getting Started with Virtual Primary Care

Simply request a visit on the mobile app or at fshealth.com. From there, you’ll choose your new virtual primary care doctor and schedule your first visit!

Announce FSH on Slack, Teams or other chat platforms.

Use the text below to provide a quick overview of FSH in newsletters or chat platforms.

  • BENEFIT INFO: Starting Apr. 1, 2024, all full-time and part-time employees and immediate family members will have access to First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care! This new service is a great option to get ongoing, personalized care from a primary doctor from the comfort of home. Download the flyer.


Have your employees download the mobile app. 

The simple, secure mobile app is the easiest way to use First Stop Health. With it, you can:

  • Request a doctor in a few clicks
  • Download your sick note
  • Update your profile 
  • View doctor instructions
  • Listen to video recordings

This link will send employees to the Google Play store on Android and the App Store on iPhone or desktop: https://deujk.app.link/RpYoQxMPA1

FSH Mobile App Flyer