Worksite Health Screening

All you need to know for your upcoming event.

Worksite health screenings provide a valuable snapshot of your overall health, helping you to identify potential health risks early on. By participating, your team will gain important insights into their wellbeing so they can make make smart decisions about their health.


Our worksite health screening is designed with one goal in mind — to make the process simple for you and your team! Here's what to expect and how to prepare.

Before the Health Screening Event

1) When event is confirmed

You’ll be sent an email confirming your event with links to materials that you can use to promote your event, including posters, email templates and more.

2) A week before event

Our partner, eHealth Screenings, will send you a box of supplies, including storage instructions. It’s important that you store these supplies in a safe place.

3) 1-3 days before event

We'll call you to confirm that you're ready for our team to arrive. All necessary paperwork will be sent to you via secure email. Please print these documents for the event.

Pre-Event Preparation

1) Reserve space

Please reserve a room that is big enough for our screening stations. We recommend at least 8–10 feet between each station for privacy, but a minimum of 6 feet between stations is required

2) Set Up Stations

The number of stations will depend on the number of event staff. Provide one table, two chairs and a trash can for each station. We'll confirm the number of stations when scheduling your event. 

3) Provide a Welcome Area

Ideally, this area will have a table and chair for our staff as well as plenty of chairs to accommodate waiting participants.

Day of the Event

1) Have forms ready

Pre-filled participant forms will be emailed to you one day prior to the event. You’ll receive a form for each participant who scheduled an appointment in advance. You’ll also receive a sign-up list. Please print this paperwork for the registration staff.  

2) Meet the event team

We will arrive 45-60 minutes before the event. The exact time will be determined when we call you before the event. You or a representative from your location must be available to meet our staff. Please have the box of supplies ready to give to the team.

3) Arrival times

We suggest that participants arrive no more than 5-10 minutes before their scheduled appointment. This shortens wait times, reduces time away from work and eliminates the need for larger waiting rooms. Each participant should only be away from their workstation for about 20-30 minutes.

4) Check-in

5 - 10 minutes before their scheduled appointments, participants should check in at the registration table. We'll verify their information and give them their forms. If a participant did not schedule in advance, we'll help them complete their forms and make an appointment if available.

5) Health Screening

Once the participant’s measurements are taken, they’ll be given a copy of their results. Participants will then meet with a member of our team to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment with a health coach.

6) After the Event

When the event is finished, we'll pack everything up, clean our areas and remove all waste. Our team will check in with you to answer any additional questions and let you know when they leave.


Additional Tools

Spread the word about your worksite health screening with this email template. Don't forget to fill in your event details!

Print this poster and hang in high-traffic areas to promote your screening event.

Regularly remind your team members on internal chat channels about their upcoming health screening with these messages.

Share this short video with your team so they know what to expect before, after and during the screening event.

Do your team members have questions about the event? We've got answers!