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FAQs: Worksite Health Screening

Find answers to questions about how the health screening works and how you can prepare.


Absolutely nothing! This event is sponsored by your employer in partnership with First Stop Health to help you better understand your health.

Yes, it’s the best way to guarantee that you’ll be seen! Check your email to learn how to register and schedule your appointment time.

Nope, you don’t have to fast. If you do decide to fast, that’s okay too! Just let your technician know whether you have or haven’t fasted so they can indicate it in your results.

If you choose to fast for the screening, be sure to not eat or drink anything besides water or black coffee for at least 9 hours before your appointment time.

We recommend you wear a short-sleeved shirt or have the ability to roll up your sleeve for quick measurements.

First Stop Health is not affiliated with your health plan and no personal health information is shared with it or with your employer.

Your information is always secure. We strictly adhere to HIPAA privacy laws and confidentiality is our top priority. Your personal health information will never be shared with anyone in your workplace.

It's important that you take all medications as directed by your physician as normal. If you're going to fast for the screening, be sure to not eat or drink anything besides water or black coffee for at least 9 hours before your appointment time.

When you "know your numbers" you can be proactive in addressing any health risks or issues that may stop you from staying healthy and living better. You'll also have an opportunity to learn more about your First Stop Health benefits!


We know your time is valuable. You should complete your full screening appointment within 20-25 minutes.

First, a trusted health technician will collect measurements including height, weight, blood pressure and waist circumference. A finger-stick* will then test your blood to determine your cholesterol and glucose levels, triglycerides and other factors that can lead to preventable health risks.

Then you'll immediately get a summary of your overall health.

Finally, we'll privately review the results with you, answer questions and provide advice on next steps.

*In some cases, your employer may offer an alternative testing method like a venipuncture blood draw. 

To reduce your wait time, we recommend arriving to your screening location 5 - 10 minutes before your appointment time. 


Following your finger prick, your screening technician will share the results with you immediately.*

*For venipuncture blood draw, results will be shared with you in the First Stop Health app at a later date.

Once you receive your results, you can speak with a health coach who will talk with you about First Stop Health services and how to schedule a visit to review your results.

First Stop Health doctors will have access to your results. To review and discuss your results with your doctor, just schedule a visit. You can share your results with non-First Stop Health doctors as needed.

Yes, you do! While knowing your numbers is helpful, this screening event does not replace regular visit with your primary care doctor. Request a visit with a First Stop Health primary care doctor today!

There is no passing or failing. The screening is designed to give you a snapshot of your health as it stands today. If anything in your results concerns you, we encourage you to schedule a visit with a health coach or doctor to review them with you.

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