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First Stop Health Virtual Care

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Virtual Care

Your health, your way.

Doctor visits when you need care.

24/7 urgent care or scheduled visits with board-certified doctors. Get diagnosis and treatment, prescriptions, referrals and more.*

Health coaching to meet your goals.

Talk to a health coach, diabetes educator or registered dietitian to reach your health goals, no matter how big or small.

Counseling for your mental health.

Want to talk it out with an expert? Use short-term, solution-focused counseling for anxiety, depression, grief and more.


Here's when to use virtual care.

Prevention & Wellness

Check in on your health with a doctor or work with a health coach to make a personalized plan to stay healthy and strong.

Mental Healthcare

Get diagnosis and care for your mental health concerns. Treatment may include prescriptions, referrals and more.

Lifestyle Coaching

Work with a health coach to achieve better sleep, manage stress, improve your heart health and more.

Quit Tobacco

Kick the habit with expert guidance and regular support from a certified tobacco treatment specialist.

Health Management

If you have an ongoing health condition like diabetes, your doctor and health coach can provide treatment and support.

Urgent Care

Get 24/7 care for cold, flu, UTI, rash, headache and more. Doctors call back in 7 minutes on average.

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Things to Know

Typically, employers provide First Stop Health’s services at little to no cost to you. Check your email from for full details.  You can also ask your HR team or contact us to ask about your membership.



First Stop Health is separate from your insurance. However, we may ask for your insurance information to find quality, affordable specialists and/or lab locations in your network.  

Absolutely. First Stop Health is a 100% confidential, HIPAA-compliant medical practice. Your employer will not receive any information about your care from First Stop Health. 

That’s great! You can still talk with an urgent care doctor when you're sick or meet with a health coach to set and achieve your health goals, no matter how big or small.


From urgent and primary care doctors to dietitians and health coaches, we have a variety of providers ready for you. If you aren't sure who you should talk to, scheduling a visit with a health coach is a great start! They'll be able to point you in the right direction.

We've got you! Here are some FAQs to help you get started.

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*First Stop Health doctors do not prescribe controlled substances. Costs according to your medical plan may apply for prescriptions, lab orders, specialist appointments and other non-FSH services.