Patient Success Story: Diabetes Prevention

June 26, 2024

First Stop Health

Prediabetes is reversible! It's possible to manage your health through lifestyle changes to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. Read how Heather worked with her care team to get the personalized support she needed to make changes that last.


The problem.

Following a recent visit with her First Stop Health doctor, Heather found out that her lab work indicated she was prediabetic and had high cholesterol. Her BMI was also high. 

Her doctor prescribed medication to help Heather address her health issues and discussed the importance of eating better, exercising and taking better care of her overall health. He also told her he thought she would be a good fit for health coaching and discussed her benefits from First Stop Health. 


The solution.

That night, Heather logged in to the First Stop Health app to schedule a health coaching visit. She was excited about the possibility of getting personalized support, so she made an appointment for that same week. 

Heather and her coach discussed her health risks, challenges and goals. Together, they created a plan for healthy living. She learned practical skills to lower her risk of developing diabetes. She also met with a registered dietitian who helped her with meal planning, food tracking and staying on top of her plan. 


The result.

As a result of her hard work and the ongoing support and encouragement from her entire care team, Heather lost 20 pounds. Through medication and lifestyle changes, her cholesterol and A1C levels were under control. 

She recently shared, “I gained a much better awareness of what I need to do to be the healthiest version of me. Having accountability and knowing that I can take responsibility for my life has been life changing.” 


Get started today!

From reducing risk to managing everyday life with diabetes, we’re here. Let’s make a plan to keep your health on track.

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Originally published Jun 26, 2024 5:29:09 PM.