Doctors and Health Coaches: A Perfect Partnership

June 26, 2024

First Stop Health

When doctors and coaches team up, they can help you in all areas of your health. That’s why your employer has partnered with First Stop Health to offer virtual care.

Two important parts of your virtual care benefit are doctor visits and health coaching. When these experts work together, they can help you stay healthy and happy. Let's see how!


Your Doctor's Role

Need medical care? Get 24/7 urgent care or scheduled visits with board-certified doctors. They provide routine check-ups, ongoing condition management and preventive care by phone or video. Here are some great reasons why so many people choose to see a First Stop Health doctor: 

  • Accessibility: You can talk with a doctor without the need for travel, making it easier to schedule appointments and follow up on health concerns.

  • Convenience: Virtual visits can be done from anywhere, reducing the need for time off work or finding childcare. You can even talk to a doctor when you’re away from home!

  • Preventive Care: Regular virtual visits help you stay healthy, catch problems early, and manage any health conditions.


Your Health Coach's Role

Health coaches work with your doctor to help you reach your health goals. They give you personal support and guidance on things like eating healthy, exercising, managing stress, and making good lifestyle choices. Benefits include: 

  • Personalized Care: Health coaches work with you one-on-one to create plans that fit your needs and preferences.

  • Behavioral Change: Get the motivation and accountability needed to make long-term lifestyle changes.

  • Goal Setting: Set realistic and achievable health goals, breaking them down into manageable steps.

  • Ongoing Support: Regular check-ins and ongoing encouragement help you stay on track and overcome obstacles. 


How They Work Together

When doctors and coaches team up, they help you with both your health and your lifestyle. Here’s how they work together: 

  • Teamwork: Your doctor and coach work together to create a plan that's just for you. If you have high blood pressure, your doctor may prescribe medicine* and your coach will help you with lifestyle changes like eating better and exercising to lower your blood pressure.

  • Stay Engaged: Regular doctor visits and coaching sessions keep you involved in your health. This makes it easier to follow your health plan and make good choices.

  • Better Health: By working on both medical needs and lifestyle changes, you can see better results. If you have diabetes, your doctor helps manage your medicine while your diabetes educator works with you to learn healthy habits.

  • Save Time and Money: Using our virtual care service can save you trips to the doctor’s office and reduce healthcare costs. And, if you need in-person care, we'll help you find the best, most affordable in-network specialist for you.

  • Flexible and Easy: You can talk to your doctor and coach from home, which makes it easier to fit health and wellbeing care into your busy life. 


Success Stories

Meet Sarah

Consider Sarah, a busy professional struggling to manage her weight and stress levels. Through her First Stop Health doctor, she gets regular check-ups and medication for her anxiety. At the same time, her health coach works with her to develop a personalized fitness routine and mindfulness practices.

Over time, Sarah not only improves her physical health but also finds effective ways to manage her stress, leading to a happier and healthier life. 


Meet John

Or take John, who has type 2 diabetes and struggles with blood sugar control. His First Stop Health doctor monitors his condition and adjusts his medication as needed. His diabetes educator provides guidance on meal planning and exercise.

This coordinated effort results in better blood sugar management and a significant improvement in John’s overall wellbeing. 


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* First Stop Health services are not intended to constitute a health plan. Those under 18 have access 24/7 virtual urgent care (with parental consent). Adults have access to all First Stop Health services.  First Stop Health doctors do not prescribe controlled substances. Costs according to your medical plan may apply for prescriptions, lab orders and other non-FSH services.

Originally published Jun 26, 2024 7:30:49 PM.