Meet Virtual Primary Care Doctor Sally Sartin

June 28, 2022

First Stop Health

When it comes to your health, one of the best things you can do is build an ongoing relationship with a primary care doctor who empowers you to make informed decisions. 

Virtual primary care is a convenient way to build this relationship via phone or video. Patients love that they can save time and money while taking control of their health. Doctors love virtual primary care, too, because it allows them to see their patients more often and when care is most needed.

Let's get to know one of our doctors. Sally Sartin, MD, is a First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care doctor who leads with compassion and shared decision-making. Read on to learn about Dr. Sartin and her approach to virtual care.

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Why did you choose to become a doctor?

As a child, I always had this vision of becoming a volunteer doctor in a place that really needed better access to medical care. I wanted to be able to help the most vulnerable people, especially those who are suffering from medical disease. Eventually, my vision came true! For two years, my husband and I served as volunteer doctors in a mission hospital about 15 miles from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Where did you attend medical school?
I attended Loma Linda University School of Medicine. I also did my Family Medicine Residency training at the Loma Linda University Medical Center.

How long have you been practicing medicine?
For about 12 years.

What is your medical specialty?
I am board-certified in Family Medicine.

Why do you love virtual primary care?

I love the flexibility that virtual care provides both for me and the patient, the convenience and the accessibility for patients. It makes total sense to do virtual primary care, where the medical home can be brought to the patient, not the other way around, and treatment can be delivered in the most efficient way using modern technology.

What does care that people love® mean to you?  
Care that people love means providing care that makes the most sense to the patient whether that's the convenience and efficiency of using a telehealth platform, connecting them with a specialist who really cares, or receiving the right treatment for their health concerns.

When you're not caring for patients, how do you spend your time?
I’m a stay home mom and home-school my 4 kids. Currently, we’re working on putting up a fence so we can prevent the deer from coming into our garden. My family and I also enjoy traveling.

How would you describe your patient care philosophy?

The doctor patient relationship is a two-way street. Both the doctor and the patient need to work together in bringing about healing and better health. So, I firmly believe in shared decision-making. My goal is also to treat patients the way I would a family or a friend. Providing compassionate care is the key to developing meaningful relationships as well as to reaching treatment goals in the most effective manner.

Do you have any fun facts to share?

I majored in both violin performance and biology in university before going to medical school.


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Originally published Jun 28, 2022 7:44:44 PM.