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Virtual Primary Care Launch Kit for HR


Sharing Virtual Primary Care!

Below are some quick and easy next steps to get your employees excited for their new benefit.

Order promotional worksite materials. (FREE!)

We'd love to send flyers and magnets to your worksite(s). You can hand these materials out at launch, open enrollment or new hire orientations. 

Request Worksite Materials

Send a reminder email to your employees.

Let your employees know about ways to use First Stop Health. Try this email template:

  • Subject Line:  
    Show your heart some love during American Heart Month.

  • Email Body:

It's American Heart Month! Ready to take charge of your heart health? First Stop Health is here to help you:

  • Find a doctor who is available when you need them
  • Manage ongoing conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • Feel empowered to achieve your health goals

Schedule your visit with a First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care to take a step towards protecting your heart health. 

First Stop Health is provided to provided to medical-enrolled employees and their immediate family members. 

Blurbs to share about FSH on Slack, Teams or other chat platforms.

Use the text below to provide updates on their FSH benefit in newsletters or chat platforms.

  • Show yourself some love with First Stop Health. Self-compassion goes beyond just self-care and is important for your mental health! It's all about thinking about and treating yourself kindly. If you’re dealing with low self-esteem, anxiety or depression, know that we are here for you. Talk to your First Stop Health doctor about your mental health 

    Get the app, visit or call (888) 691-7867. First Stop Health is provided to medical-enrolled employees and their immediate family members. 

Have your employees download the mobile app. 

The simple, secure mobile app is the easiest way to use First Stop Health. With it, you can:

  • Request a doctor in a few clicks
  • Download your sick note
  • Update your profile 
  • View doctor instructions
  • Listen to video recordings

This link will send employees to the Google Play store on Android and the App Store on iPhone or desktop:

FSH Mobile App Flyer