Virtual Primary Care for High Blood Pressure Treatment

January 5, 2022

Dr. Eric Bricker

What is high blood pressure?  

High blood pressure is a serious long-term health concern. Virtual primary care is an effective way to diagnose and treat it. 

High blood pressure — also called hypertension — increases the risk of heart disease and death. It is the second highest modifiable cause of death in America after tobacco use.  

33% of people aged 40-59 have high blood pressure and often have other health conditions, such as high cholesterol or diabetes, that increase the risk of heart disease.1 

How can virtual primary care treat high blood pressure?  

High blood pressure is defined as a blood pressure of greater than 140/90 mm of Hg. Unfortunately, only half of patients with diagnosed high blood pressure have it treated. Additionally, 11 million Americans have high blood pressure that is undiagnosed — i.e., they do not even know they have it.  

Virtual primary care is a means to diagnose and treat high blood pressure in a way that is convenient for patients.  

  • Patients can use a home blood pressure monitor in conjunction with their video or phone visit with a virtual primary care physician. Many labs offer on-site blood pressure testing in addition to their blood draw services if the patient does not have a home blood pressure monitor.  
  • Easy-to-access virtual primary care gives doctors and patients the opportunity to adjust blood pressure medication and properly control blood pressure. 
  • Virtual primary care gives doctors and patients the opportunity to discuss behavior changes that can reduce blood pressure — like losing weight, exercising, or changing diet. 
  • More frequent, longer visits, keep patients engaged in their healthcare journey. 

How does virtual primary care differ from in-person doctor visits?  

The traditional in-person office visit has been an ineffective means of managing high blood pressure. In-person primary care involves lengthy wait times, infrequent visits, and on average, 7-minute interactions between patient and doctor.  

Virtual primary care is fast, easy and less expensive for the patient. It allows doctors to center their care around what is best for the patient.  

Great care is patient centered. Virtual primary care is a fantastic way to deliver patient-centered care to effectively diagnose and treat high blood pressure.  




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Originally published Jan 5, 2022 2:00:00 PM.