Prepare Your Medicine Cabinet

What’s in your medicine cabinet? We sat down with Dr. Mark Friedman, First Stop Health’s Chief Medical Officer and a veteran emergency room physician, and he said there’s a critical item missing from most people’s medicine cabinets: a thermometer.


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29 Statistics You Need To Know About Healthcare & Telemedicine

The Telehealth Market: Size, Penetration & Potential Employer Cost Savings     

  1. Addressable Market: The total addressable market for non-acute telemedicine visits in the United States is estimated at 400+ million, approximately one-third of the...
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What Does The Millennial Generation Want In Employee Benefits?

Last year, Millennials (adults aged 18 to 34 in 2016) officially became the largest generation in the U.S. workforce.  Study after study confirms that the tech savvy Millennial generation values high-quality telehealth options.  According to one...

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4 Things Telemedicine Companies Just Aren’t Telling You

When evaluating vendors for new employee benefits, you are critical of the sales pitch. You ask all the right questions, scrutinize the numbers, and check references. Vendors of seemingly similar benefits tend to compete on price. But for some,...

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Your First 60 Days on the First Stop Health Telemedicine Engagement Program

Let’s get right to it: First Stop Health has the highest utilization of any telemedicine company in the industry. We implement a customized telemedicine engagement plan for each of our clients. We’ll stand by our service, and our utilization rate,...

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Sick Days... Minimized

Flu season is here--the time of year employers dread. The unavoidable fact is that employees will become ill and work time will be missed. Sooner or later, all employers will be affected by lost time and productivity due to employee illness. But...

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Dr. Mark Friedman, CMO of First Stop Health: "Physicians Should be Innovators"

Chief Medical Officer at First Stop Health and emergency room physician Dr. Mark Friedman answers questions about medicine and the medical system on

What's the biggest barrier to practicing medicine today?

The biggest barrier to...

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Phew! Happy New Year... Happy New Benefits

2017 is here! A new year and a clean slate. For many, this is a time buzzing with the excitement of new goals and resolutions. However, for many others, after the ball has dropped and the confetti fallen, it can become a time of worry.

Just as...

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Preventing Trips to the ER: Summer Safety from Frontline Providers

Pop quiz: Which of the following is not a real summer health hazard?

  1. Getting a foot parasite from not wearing shoes
  2. Eating a metal bristle from a BBQ grill brush
  3. Being attacked by a wild bear while hiking
  4. All of the above are real risks

D. The...

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