Relief for Your Rash

January 28, 2021

Mark L. Friedman, MD, FACEP, FACP

Let’s face it: Skin rashes are uncomfortable, worrisome and they make you feel like covering up. But there is a quick and simple way to get your skin looking and feeling better without leaving home!

First Stop Health doctors can treat a wide variety of skin conditions, including:



The first step to feeling better is getting an accurate diagnosis. Treating a rash without knowing what’s causing it risks making the rash worse or missing a more serious illness. Your First Stop Health doctor will ask questions like:

  • What does it look like? A picture is worth a thousand words − it also goes a long way in diagnosing a rash. When requesting your visit for Skin Rash/Bug Bite on the FSH app, you can upload a photo. This will be really helpful for your doctor! 

    You can also choose to have your visit via video, so that you can show your doctor the rash in more detail.
  • Where is it on the body? Is it localized, or widespread?
  • What does it feel like? Is it itchy? Does it hurt? Is it oozing, blistering or flaking?
  • How long has it been there?
  • Have you had a rash like this before?
  • Does it “run in the family”?



Most of the time, treatment for a rash is simple, and may include:

  • Over-the-counter medication such as antihistamines, topical hydrocortisone or antibacterial gels/creams. 
  • Prescription medications including steroid creams or antibiotics. Your First Stop Health doctor can write prescriptions when appropriate and send medication to the pharmacy of your choice. 
  • Home remedies such as cold compresses or moisturizing.

It’s also possible that your rash is a sign of something more serious. If your First Stop Health doctor believes your skin condition may be related to cancer or another illness, they will help you decide whether you need to see a dermatologist, another specialist or your primary care physician.


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Originally published Jan 28, 2021 6:00:00 AM.