6 Reasons You Will Love First Stop Health Telemedicine

April 12, 2022

First Stop Health Doctors

When you're not feeling well, you simply want to feel better quickly — without wasting money in the process. You don't want research, paperwork, commutes, waiting rooms and surprise bills. And we don't want those things for you, either! Here are 6 reasons we know you'll love First Stop Health, your employer-provided telemedicine benefit:

  1. It's compassionate care from doctors who listen.
    First Stop Health is powered by doctors who truly care about your health and comfort. As one patient described it, "The doctor took his time to listen to me and was very empathetic. I felt I could trust him caring for me." Another said, "The doctor is wonderful! He listens, genuinely cares and I feel as if he treats me and my family well."

  2. You have 24/7 access.
    Back pain on a Saturday morning? Little one have a fever in the middle of the night? Our doctors are available 24/7 and call back in 6 minutes (on average) to provide care you will loveTM.

  3. There's no paperwork!
    If your employer provides you with First Stop Health Telemedicine, you're already in our system. No registration, insurance information or paperwork is required. Simply request a visit to get care in minutes. Pro Tip: Download the app, bookmark fshealth.com and/or save our phone number so that we're just a click away when you need us.

  4. We're available in all 50 states.
    Forget a prescription on vacation? Just moved and don't have a local doctor yet? We're here for you with doctors licensed in all 50 states.

  5. Doctors can prescribe when appropriate.
    First Stop Health doctors can prescribe1 common drugs like allergy medications, antibiotics and steroid creams. They can also provide one-time refills of your regular medications for hypertension, asthma, diabetes, blood pressure and more.

  6. We'll save you money.
    Most employers provide First Stop Health at NO COST to their employees.2 Virtual care also saves you from needing to miss work, find childcare and pay for parking. All you need is a few minutes!


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1 Your medical plan’s prescription costs apply. While using FSH to refill your medication is a great option for when you're in a pinch, we cannot provide refills on an ongoing basis. Be sure to share your Visit Summary with your primary care doctor. Telemedicine doctors cannot prescribe: controlled substances (ex. opioids), diet pills (ex. phentermine), lifestyle medications (ex. for hair loss).

2small minority of members may have a visit fee. Refer to your email from info@fshealth.com. 

Originally published Apr 12, 2022 7:59:56 PM.