Patient Interview: Virtual Primary Care Experience

August 11, 2022

First Stop Health

Annual wellness visits are important for preventive care, but they are also a good time to discuss any current health issues you are experiencing. With virtual primary care, you aren't limited on what you can or can't discuss during your first visit. We sat down with one of our virtual primary care patients to ask a few questions about his experience. Here's what he had to say.


Why did you try First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care?

I had three main areas of concern:

  • An ear infection that I needed to get medicine for
  • A skin issue that I seemed to get from too much sun exposure
  • A series of headaches that occurred at roughly the same time every day

The virtual care option really appealed to me because I knew it was a great way for me to tackle all 3 of these issues. If I had done an in-person visit, there was a fair chance that the doctor I saw wouldn't have been able to help me in all 3 areas, which would have resulted in multiple in-person visits.


How was your visit with your doctor?

My visit with my doctor was incredible. We spent 20 minutes on the phone discussing each issue that I had. She was tremendously helpful. She made sure I completely understood everything she was saying and she was super easy to talk to. We also had a great rapport and I felt very comfortable.

I have to admit that at first I was nervous about talking about my body with a doctor I haven't met before. However, as soon as our conversation started, I felt that nervousness go away completely. 


What was the result of your visit?

I was able to receive 3 different prescription medications for my issues. My doctor also did a great job explaining what each prescription does, so I was able to feel comfortable with what I was putting in my body. 


How did your virtual visit differ from a typical in-person visit?

The virtual visit was different from a typical in-person visit for a few reasons:

  • I never had to leave my home. The convenience of being able to talk to a doctor from my couch cannot be overstated.
  • I have access to a recording of my conversation with my doctor. If I forget one of the topics that we covered, I can easily go back and listen to the recording to make sure I am doing what's recommended.
  • I saved a lot of time! A virtual visit takes up much less time compared to an in-person visit.


What surprised you most about virtual care?

The thing that surprised me most about virtual care was how seamless the whole process was. There were no road bumps and I felt just as, if not more, comfortable talking to my doctor through the virtual visit compared to an in-person visit.


What did you love most about First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care?

I loved how convenient my visit was. The convenience, safety and overall effectiveness of virtual visits are far superior to in-person visits. I am so happy that I decided to use First Stop Health.




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Originally published Aug 11, 2022 1:03:48 PM.