How does short-term counseling work?

August 1, 2022

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When something is on your mind, talking about it can make a big difference. You don’t always have to spend months or years in therapy to get unbiased, confidential support. In some cases, you may benefit from short-term counseling. Many employers offer no-cost options, such as First Stop Health Virtual Counseling. 


What is short-term counseling?  

You may have heard of long-term counseling, where you regularly see your counselor for months or even years. Patients focus on a deeper exploration of the root causes of ongoing life issues. 

Short-term counseling takes a more solution-oriented approach. During this type of counseling, you’ll focus on identifying immediate solutions to the issue you are facing. With First Stop Health Virtual Counseling, you will work with your counselor to: 

  • Gain new strategies for navigating life’s challenges. Your counselor can help you make sense of difficult situations, learn new coping strategies, and develop healthy habits to adapt to challenges.
  • Solve problems and make changes to improve your life. Life is constantly changing and so are you. Your counselor will work with you to solve the problem at hand and provide guidance so you can get back to feeling your best.  
  • Get referrals to longer-term care, if needed. If you know you need support but aren’t sure where to start, short-term counseling can be a great place to get started. First Stop Health counselors can provide referrals to in-network therapists, support groups and more when needed.


When should I use short-term counseling? 

Knowing when you should reach out for guidance can be tough. While there is no one right reason to seek counseling, you might want to consider it when you:

  • Have run out of advice from friends and family.
  • Are going through a change in your career, relationship or living situation. 
  • Are experiencing new feelings of depression or anxiety.  
  • Are ready to get support for alcohol or substance use. 
  • Have recently lost a loved one or close friend. 
  • Just feel like you need to talk with someone. Trust yourself.
Short-term counseling can address a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, work/life stress, relationships, substance use, grief and more.  




How First Stop Health Virtual Counseling works 

First Stop Health Virtual Counseling is confidential care provided by your employer. After requesting a visit, a counselor will call you to learn about what you’re going through (such as depression, anxiety, or relationship concerns). Together, you’ll schedule a visit with a counselor who can address your specific needs.  

You will work with your counselor to gain the tools and skills you need to feel better. The number of visits you have will depend upon your progress and level of need. In some cases, a counselor may evaluate that you would benefit from longer term counseling. 

To learn more, watch the video. 


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If your school or employer provides you with First Stop Health Virtual Counseling, our counselors are here to provide care you will love.

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Originally published Aug 1, 2022 2:34:15 PM.