[PODCAST] Telemedicine Insights on Reconstructing Healthcare Podcast

June 6, 2017

First Stop Health

First Stop Health President Dave Guttman was recently a guest on the podcast Reconstructing Healthcare - a show where they discuss what's wrong with healthcare and talk with innovative companies who are providing innovative services and solutions that disrupt the health insurance marketplace and deliver lower costs and better value for your employees.  

In this 42 minute episode, Dave shared how First Stop Health is able to generate high rates of utilization and guarantee a positive ROI for an employer with podcast host Michael Menerey. They also discussed the following topics:

  • Dave Guttman's unconventional path into healthcare
  • Why divorcing any buying decision from the payment accountability is problematic
  • What telemedicine can treat effectively
  • What makes First Stop Health fundamentally different from other Telemedicine vendors
  • What a Telemedicine visit actually saves employer
  • How First Stop Health performs better than an embedded Telemedicine solution
  • How First Stop Health drives extraordinary engagement rates through custom communication strategies
  • How the PEPM cost structure encourages employees to use the Telemedicine service
  • Cost Structure and how First Stop Health eliminates risk for an employer via their Price Match and Financial Savings Guarantee  
  • How the First Stop Health user experience is designed to be easy and is different from other Telemedicine user models
  • Average Return on Investment for First Stop Health Clients and how it is measured
  • Exciting things on the horizon for First Stop Health – Price transparency

It was an fantastic exchange of ideas and we welcome you to listen to the entire podcast by clicking below.

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Originally published Jun 6, 2017 12:53:00 PM.