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How Telemedicine Improves Employee Productivity

In the modern work-place there are few absolutes. But, here’s one: A sick employee is a less productive employee.

As the founder and CEO of several businesses, I know the value of an employee who is healthy and operating at peak productivity....

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What is Telemedicine? [Glossary of Terms]

One of the frequent buzz words in healthcare discussions today is telemedicine. Indeed, telemedicine is generally recognized as one of the rare innovations that enhances the quality of available healthcare, while reducing costs.


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5 Reasons Employees Don’t Use Their Wellness Benefits

In today’s ultra-competitive economy, all firms want the greatest impact for every dollar spent.  In the employee benefits arena, companies are asking brokers and consultants for ideas where added spending will increase their competitive position by...

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“Telemedicine Insurance Reimbursement Is A Bad Idea…At Least for Now”

An article I stumbled upon by Sarah Jacobson of “Rock Health” provides an excellent survey of the regulatory state of telemedicine. It details the federal and state regulatory environment and is generally hopeful about telemedicine’s future...

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Some employers pay exorbitantly for each telehealth call

Many companies that have purchased telehealth services for their employees are paying more than $500 for every call employers make to the service!

How is this possible?

Simple: Employees don’t use the service enough to offset the PEPM costs. Some...

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What makes telehealth work: employee engagement

The title of this article is such a BGO* that it almost goes without saying. No one appreciates a benefit or saves money from its existence unless employees use it.

So why am I writing about BGOs and why should you read this?

How a company gets its...

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Thank you, CVS

My mother and father both died of diseases that were caused by smoking tobacco.

One of the most vivid memories of my youth was being sent to Peoples Drug in Washington, D.C. in the early 1960s to buy cigarettes for my mother. I did not need a note....

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To learn what will happen to healthcare, look at your 401(k)

Those of us of a certain age remember the day sometime in the early 1980s that pensions largely ended in the private sector.

Our employers began coming to us with the news that they were discontinuing our pensions and creating a wonderful new way to...

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Weird symptom demonstrates cost-saving power of telehealth

My own recent illness provides an excellent demonstration of how providing convenient, quick, affordable and good healthcare options can save money for people and their employers.

A horrible stomach virus laid me low for five days. I treated it...

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