3 Things On-Site Clinics Can’t Do That Telemedicine Can

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Employers have opened on-site medical clinics to help employees save time and money in seeking medical care for routine illness. It also saves employee’s time and money in getting treatment for everyday illnesses. They are convenient, affordable and a great benefit for employees. But while they can solve many issues in accessing healthcare for routine illness, there are three things they can’t do:

1. Clinics can’t treat employees on nights or weekends.

If employees happen to get sick during working hours, the on-site clinic is there, but after 5 p.m. or over the weekend the clinic can’t help employees that need to see a doctor. Telemedicine doctors are available 24/7/365. Our experience is that only around 30% of calls will occur during working hours.

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2. Clinics can’t treat family members.

While the clinic is convenient for employees, they are not accessible to family members. A family of four might need to visit the doctor 10 to 16 times a year. Only a quarter of those can be handled by the on-site clinic––if the employee needs to see a doctor during business hours. Telemedicine benefits can be used by family members any day, any time.

3. Clinics cost a fortune.

On-site clinics are staffed by a doctor or physician’s assistant, require expensive computer systems and supplies, as well as space and management. The right telemedicine benefit is a no-cost solution that helps patients avoid 70% of in-person physician visits, saving employees and employers thousands of dollars. The cost of an on-site clinic can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. For a lower cost than an on-site clinic, employers can provide 24/7 telemedicine services to their employees and their families.

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With the ever-rising costs of healthcare, it is understandable why employers are experimenting with on-site clinics in an effort to save both themselves and their employees time and money. But telemedicine is a much more economical and effective solution to help employees and their families battle the skyrocketing costs of healthcare. Join the thousands of employers that have added over-the-phone healthcare to their benefit offering and see how happy and healthy your employees can be.