New Broker FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to First Stop Health. Below you will find answers to common questions regarding onboarding, setup, reporting, and more.


1. A verbal “Yes” has been given by the client. What do I do next?

Inform your FSH Director of Sales. They will introduce you to the FSH Account Manager who will then provide you with available times to have a one-hour onboarding call with your team and the client’s team as well as gathering the client contact details so that our Onboarding Website can be completed. Once a time has been decided, the dedicated Account Manager will send a calendar invite to you and the client.

2. When should the onboarding call take place?

We suggest:

  • <1,000 employees: Six weeks prior to live date
  • 1,000+ employees: Eight weeks prior to live date (or sooner)

3. Who should attend the onboarding call?

Your team that services the client and any client contacts who will be administering the program for employees (e.g., HR Director, Benefits Director, CFO, etc.).

4. What is the format of the onboarding call?

The calendar invite will include a conference line to dial into along with a webinar link.

5. What will be covered during the onboarding call?

The Account Manager will go over the patient experience, communication strategy, reporting, eligibility file details, billing and next steps.

6. What will the client need to complete for onboarding to be successful?

Prior to the onboarding call, the Account Manager will send an email to the main point of contact to complete pending information on our onboarding website. Required details that the client will provide/receive through this website are:

  • High-resolution logo for inclusion in communications
  • Provide points of contact(s) for billing, reports, eligibility updates, etc.
  • Provide insightful information into company culture, confirm who will be eligible for benefit, etc.

7. What will be provided to the client through the onboarding website?

Our emails and domains. Clients should pass these along to their IT department for whitelisting. Samples of our communication materials will be provided to preview.


Eligibility File Setup

8. When should the eligibility file be sent to FSH?

The eligibility file cannot be received by FSH until the contract is signed. Once the contract is signed, we can receive the file as early as the second of the month prior to the go-live date. The file must be submitted at least five business days before their go-live date.

9. How should the eligibility file be sent to FSH?

Every client has access to submit their file to FSH through our employer portal. There is no fee to use our portal. If a client has at least 250 employees and would like to set up an automated file feed, we can integrate with their TPA (this is usually decided during the onboarding call).

A couple of things to note about automated file feed integrations:

  • TPAs may charge a fee for a file integration. The client should be sure to discuss that with the TPA prior to starting an integration with FSH.
  • TPAs often require at least six to eight weeks to build the file automation so setting up a call with their TPA vendor as early as possible in the onboarding process is key to ensure that there is ample time for testing and sending the final file to us at least five business days before their go-live date.
  • If the file feed is not complete by the client’s go-live date, the client will need to submit their first file and any subsequent files via our employer portal until the file integration is complete.



10. How often will clients receive utilization reports?

Every client will have access to on-demand monthly reports via the employer portal. In addition:

  • <250 employees: Account Manager will send you and the client a quarterly utilization snapshot report taken from the employer portal along with a quarterly PDF flyer.
  • 250+ employees: Account Manager will send you and the client a customized quarterly utilization report along with a quarterly PDF flyer.
  • The Account Manager will always provide days and times to have a call with you and the client to review the quarterly report in detail together via conference call/webinar.


Ongoing Interactions

11. How will I know how my client is doing?

We will give you administrative access to their portal so that you can also view their monthly on-demand reports.

12. How will I be involved in the communications to my client?

We will keep you copied on email correspondence with the client.

13. If I have questions, to whom should I direct them?

All contracting questions should be directed to your FSH Sales Director while all other client questions can be directed to the Account Manager.