Virtual Primary Care Reviews

July 7, 2022

First Stop Health

Virtual Primary Care offers patients individual support for whole-person health guidance. We asked patients why they love First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care. Here is what some of them said: 


“The doctor was wonderful! I really liked that despite being virtual, the doctor and the nurse really made it feel like an in-office experience. There has been timely follow-up and they’ve made it very easy to schedule labs. It’s also great because it saves time that I would otherwise spend traveling to an office and waiting in awaiting room.” 


“I really enjoyed my time with the doctor. She has a soothing bedside manner and was able to answer all of my questions. I felt like she really listened to my concerns and took the time to provide me with the necessary information in making the best decision for my health. I love the flexibility of the program. It works on my schedule and allows me to prioritize myself – appointments are easy to make with a variety of times to choose from.” 


“The convenience of it all. Being able to request a visit quickly and easily. The visit lasted about 40 minutes in total, much longer than a typical in-person visit with a doctor would be. She took the time to get to know more about me personally.” 


“Simple and easy, will be getting the routine tests complete that I've ignored over the past few years.” 


Great bedside manner from the doctor, I'm typically pretty anxious when dealing with medical professionals and the doctor put me at ease. Listened well and addressed my concerns.” 


“It was so convenient and easy. I felt like I could chat with the doctor without feeling rushed.”


I loved that my PCP was prepared. I didn't feel like I needed to prioritize one particular issue. I was truly encouraged to follow-up and update my PCP with any progress. One thing that really stood out was a reminder about the urgent care solution if I have any immediate concerns.” 


“The ease of scheduling the appointment at a time that was convenient for me based on my work schedule. I loved all the follow-up text messages and emails to know that the process was moving along in the proper format. The doctor spent a good 30 minutes with me, I never felt rushed and she asked a lot of questions to ensure she understood my concerns.” 


“Doing it from my house - easier, less anxious because I didn't have to park, worry about being on time to next meeting, etc.” 


“The doctor was very thorough and talked through all of the possible causes of my pain, and ordered tests to help narrow the possibilities. She understood my frustration with past doctors and was eager to help find the issue.” 


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Originally published Jul 7, 2022 6:46:09 PM.