Virtual Primary Care Journey: Asthma

December 6, 2022

First Stop Health

The Virtual Primary Care journey is different for everyone. Whether it’s a routine checkup, chronic condition inquiry or specialist recommendation, Virtual Primary Care is a convenient, cost-effective solution that creates a unique member experience.     

Here is an example of a member's experience to show just how unique a Virtual Primary Care visit can be.    

Initial Visit 

This member visited with their Virtual Primary Care doctor just 12 hours after requesting an appointment. They already had an established PCP (primary care physician), however, the next available in-person visit with their PCP was 3 weeks out and they were out of refills for multiple medications. Due to the severity of this member’s asthma and more frequent asthma attacks, they needed immediate inhaler and other prescription refills.   

This member spent 45 minutes with their Virtual Primary Care doctor. In addition to supporting the member’s asthma, the Virtual Primary Care doctor found that the member was also due for an annual wellness checkup which was also completed during the visit.  


Immediately following the virtual visit, prescriptions were sent to the member’s preferred pharmacy, which they were able to pick up just 20 minutes later. Lab work requests were also sent to an in-network lab for routine bloodwork.  

The member also received a detailed follow-up letter that outlined what was covered during their visit, including educational materials to support their asthma and recommended follow-up visit times either with their Virtual Primary Care doctor or in-person PCP.  

First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care for the Treatment of Asthma 

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), 8.4% of Americans aged 18+ have asthma which costs the U.S. more than $80 billion (about $250 per person in the U.S.) annually in medical expenses, missed work, school days and deaths.1,2 Virtual Primary Care can improve the healthcare experience for members with asthma by:  

  • Allowing patients and doctors to collaborate and have a unique dialogue whenever and wherever is most convenient for the patient.  
  • Providing more frequent, longer visits which keeps patients engaged in their healthcare journey. 
  • Offering phone or video visits to facilitate shared decision making by reducing the time and space barriers to patient communication.  
  • Giving patients more time (35 minutes on average) to discuss behavior changes with their doctor that can manage asthma — like medication management or routine monitoring.  
  • Lowering healthcare costs with better care management and $0 Virtual Primary Care.* 
  • Offering a more convenient prescription refill experience for inhalers and other medications. 
  • Working in conjunction with in-person PCPs to add more robust, value-based care. 

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*Consult fees can be implemented for members on HDHPs.  


Originally published Dec 6, 2022 4:52:16 PM.