Managing Workplace Stress with Meditation and Virtual Mental Health Support

August 1, 2023

First Stop Health

The high demands and tighter schedules in today's workplace have a negative effect on employees' well-being. Stress within the workplace can greatly impact health and even lead to inflammation and chronic heart and brain diseases.1 This is leading employers to look for innovative ways to manage stress in the workplace and implement employee burnout solutions.

National Wellness Month provides a chance to kick-start employee wellness programs such as encouraging meditation, or mindfulness to support employee health. Over 50% of employers use meditation as a strategy to support a positive workplace culture while also preventing employee burnout.2 Signs of employee burnout include fatigue and reduced productivity, enthusiasm, and employee engagement. 

Work-related stress leave and burnout negatively impact the culture and success of businesses: 

  • 83% of US workers show work-related stress symptoms, 
  • Around 25% of full-time workers say that their job is their main stressor, 
  • And stress leads to 1 million daily leave of absences.3 

To counter this, businesses can start by promoting meditation to improve workplace well-being. This can help: 

  • Reduce work-related stress and anxiety, helping employees feel primed for work 
  • Enhance focus and cognition, boosting work results 
  • Encourage creativity, leading to more ideas 
  • Improve employee relationships through better communication and empathy 
  • Save businesses money by reducing employee burnout and turnover 

First Stop Health (FSH) understands the connection between mental stress and physical health. We offer virtual-first Primary Care and Mental Health solutions that are dedicated to whole-person health guidance. This past year, top conditions treated with our Virtual Primary Care solution included anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. 

Here’s what our members have to say about FSH mental health support:  

  • "The doctor delivered the care I desperately needed to address my anxiety. I now feel like I have a plan for my mental health problems. Thanks, doctor!" - First Stop Health Patient 
  • “The doctor is incredibly knowledgeable and provides a thorough understanding of specific medical conditions. She takes time to explain results of tests to ensure I am informed about my healthcare journey. She listens to my medical concerns that are physical and mental, and she provides excellent guidance based on those concerns!  I have never had such a hands-on healthcare experience with any other doctor in my 57 years.” - First Stop Health Patient 
  • “My doctor is the best I could have asked for. With her help, I’m in the right direction to take care of my mental health.” - First Stop Health Patient 

More About FSH Virtual Care   

FSH virtual care solutions are comprised of Primary Care, Urgent Care and Mental Health, and deliver patient-first care to members where and when they need it. Virtual Primary Care connects members to doctors in less than 5 days on average (based on first-preferred appointment). It consists of urgent, preventive and chronic care to help coordinate and manage the many touchpoints of members’ healthcare journeys. With Virtual Urgent Care (Telemedicine), members have access to 24/7 urgent care for episodic health concerns. Virtual Mental Health provides counseling to members, and in conjunction with Virtual Primary Care guidance and medication management, leads to better whole-person health. Our digital-first approach expands access to healthcare for our members and provides care that people love.®     


Originally published Aug 1, 2023 5:14:18 PM.