Long-Term Action to Control High Blood Pressure

July 11, 2024

First Stop Health Doctors

Trying to control your blood pressure can mean making lifestyle change that aren't always easy. Here are 5 quick tips for controlling your blood pressure:


Healthy eating helps a healthy blood pressure.
Your blood pressure readings are greatly impacted by what you eat. Reducing your salt and sodium in-take, eating more fruits and vegetables and keeping alcohol limited will lower your blood pressure.

Lower your blood pressure with movement.
Being more active and engaging in regular exercise lowers blood pressure by keeping your heart and arteries in good condition. Work to build exercise and activity into your daily routine!

Healthy weight improves blood pressure.
Being the right weight lowers blood pressure because your heart doesn’t have to work so hard. Losing weight if you need to will help to reduce your blood pressure and heart strain.
Take your medications.
If you have been prescribed medications to help control your blood pressure it is important to have a routine and plan. Having a written schedule or helpful reminders to take your medications can be beneficial.

Leave the tobacco behind.
Tobacco use and high blood pressure double the risk for a heart attack. Join a program or class to help you kick your tobacco habit.


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Originally published Jul 11, 2024 3:08:22 PM.