How to Support your Heart Health

February 14, 2023

Brittany Brooks, MD

It’s a great time to start making heart healthy choices! Taking care of your heart is important because it works to keep your blood flowing and everything feeling strong. But how can you get started? Here are just a few ways to show your heart some love: 

  • Eat a balanced diet. How colorful is your plate? When it comes to protecting your heart, your diet plays a key role! Foods like leafy greens, fruits, whole grains and protein-rich fish or nuts are the building blocks of good nutrition. Foods high in sodium, saturated fats (like butter and cheese) and added sugars (like soda, juice and sweets) should be limited.  

  • Get moving. Regular physical activity is important to help you maintain a healthy weight, manage your blood pressure and cholesterol and lower stress levels. But that doesn’t mean running a marathon tomorrow. It just means finding ways to get your body moving that you enjoy. We even recommend talking with your doctor about what kinds of activity are safe for you.

  • Quit smoking. Smoking raises your risk for heart disease and can increase your risk for other health issues. It’s important to take the steps to quit smoking for your overall health. We know it can be challenging, so talk with your doctor or consider joining a support group to make this important change. 
  • Limit your alcohol. You might be used to feeling different when you drink alcohol. Alcohol increases your heart rate, raises your blood pressure temporarily and can cause other heart-related issues.

  • Understand your family's health history. Family history can play a role when it comes to your health. So it’s important to have conversations with your family about what health conditions to look out for.  

  • Talk to your doctor. Making these changes can be a lot to start all at once and on your own. By talking with your doctor, you can make a plan to tackle lifestyle changes that work for you.  



Our doctors are here for you. 

We know, the things listed above can sound like a lot. You might even feel a little overwhelmed. But that’s where our compassionate virtual primary care doctors come in! During your virtual primary care appointment, your First Stop Health doctor can: 

  • Learn about your personal and family heart health history  
  • Order tests and bloodwork to evaluate your heart health 
  • Prescribe and help manage medications  
  • If needed, refer you to an in-network cardiologist 



Get started with virtual primary care.

If your employer or school offers you First Stop Health Virtual Primary Care, our doctors are here to provide care you will love. During your first visit, your doctor will get to know your personal and family health history, ask questions, listen to your concerns, and make recommendations for your current and future health.   

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Originally published Feb 14, 2023 8:29:35 PM.