Health Trends that Support Adoption of a Virtual Primary Care Solution

July 18, 2023

First Stop Health

While virtual primary care is fairly new to the market, there are signs it’s likely to become a mainstay for patients, doctors and employers. Recent studies found that patients and doctors who used telemedicine had a largely favorable association with the quality of primary care. Here are some health trends that support adoption of a virtual primary care solution:  

  • A study revealed that virtual care performed better than in-person care in 70% of the quality measures studied.1 
  • The same study found a positive association of virtual care with improving the quality of primary care.1 
  • Patients using virtual care had significantly better performance for chronic disease management and prevention.1 
  • Patients using virtual care were more likely to be screened for mental health concerns. 
  • Doctors are indicating preference for virtual care with 97% of primary care providers using it to treat patients.2 
  • Virtual care allows for multiple touchpoints in a patient’s healthcare journey and allows doctors to engage in better quality measures with more interactions.1 
  • 40% of millennials (75% of the workforce by 2025) said virtual care is an extremely important benefit.3 
  • 94% of people who used virtual care plan to use it again.4 
  • Patients reported high satisfaction with virtual care. Longer visits, higher quality of care, and clarity and concise care resolved medical concerns.4 
  • More than 70% of younger generations said they prefer virtual care because of convenience and 44% said they may switch providers if virtual care visits aren’t offered.5 

First Stop Health (FSH) Virtual Care Solutions    

FSH Virtual Primary Care, Virtual Urgent Care (Telemedicine) and Virtual Mental Health solutions deliver patient-first care to members where and when they need it. Virtual Primary Care consists of preventive and chronic care to help coordinate and manage the many touchpoints of members’ healthcare journeys. With Virtual Urgent Care (included with Virtual Primary Care), members have access to 24/7 urgent care for episodic health concerns. Virtual Mental Health provides counseling to members, and in conjunction with Virtual Primary Care guidance and medication management, can lead to better whole-person health. 


Originally published Jul 18, 2023 9:17:52 PM.