Do You Believe These Mental Health Myths?

September 12, 2023

First Stop Health

Mental health can be a complicated and difficult topic – and often, people simply don’t want to talk about it. But this leaves room for misinformation, or myths, to spread. These myths can prevent people from seeking care when they need it.  


Myth #1: Mental health issues are rare. 

In fact, more than 1 in 5 Americans live with a mental health condition. It's important that we talk about our mental health and encourage one another to get support when needed. If you think you may need care for your mental health, schedule a virtual primary care visit. Our doctors can provide diagnoses and ongoing care for depression, anxiety and more.  


Myth #2: You can just “snap out of it.” 

People often think that others can just “snap out” of their mental health struggles. But mental illnesses (such as depression, anxiety and PTSD) are medical conditions – not passing moods. Mental health conditions can be caused by several factors including genetics, life experiences and family health history.  


Myth #3: I can’t do anything to help a person who is struggling with their mental health.  

The support you provide to others can make a real impact on their well-being. You can help create a supportive environment by being respectful and listening without judgement, helping them learn self-care and coping techniques and connecting them with mental health services.  


Myth #4: Addiction is a lack of willpower. 

Many individuals with addiction have mental health conditions. Believing that addiction only requires a strong will oversimplifies the relationship between addiction and mental health.


Debunking mental health myths. 

Knowing the mental health myths leads to more compassionate and effective support for those needing help. Did you believe any of these myths? Take the mental health quiz below to better understand the true impact of mental health in society. 




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Originally published Sep 12, 2023 8:09:15 PM.