6 Elements of Engagement that Work

April 25, 2023

First Stop Health


Employee engagement campaigns are essential for driving utilization of any virtual care program. Just 60% of employees are aware their employer provides wellness programs and of that 60%, just 40% actually participate in such programs, according to a Gallup Study.1 Strong communications targeted to employees remind them which services are available and highlight employers’ support for employee well-being.2  

First Stop Health (FSH) organizes, implements and funds custom, year-long employee engagement campaigns. In this 6-part video series, we break down the key elements of employee engagement that drive utilization, cost savings and value for FSH members. Through personalization, convenience, outreach, adaptation, compassion and evolution, we provide care that people love.® 

Engagement Video 1: Personalization


Targeting members with persona-based messaging creates a personalized experience for members. By testing communication practices, we are able to cater messaging to a persona's primary interests — like 24/7 access to doctors, ease of care or demographic-specific content. 



Engagement Video



When working with a variety of industries, there is no one-size-fits-all option for communication. That's why we meet people where they are — whether it's at their desk, on their feet or on the road. Through various  communications via SMS, email campaigns, direct mail and worksite materials, we've learned that what you say matters and where you say it further drives engagement. 



Engagement Video 3: Sharing Off Strong


By collaborating with a client when they join FSH, our engagement team and account managers help create benefits' announcements, train the human resources team, leverage communications platforms, and arrange welcome letters and digital messages — all to enhance and encourage utilization. 



Engagement Video 4: Adapting to Change


While you can plan most content in advance, other things are impossible to plan for — like a global pandemic. With the ability to adapt quickly, we are able to provide information that our members can depend on. In the case of COVID-19, clients counted on FSH to keep employees out of germy patient rooms. We also developed a COVID-19 resource center, test-site locator, blog articles, informational videos and more. 



Engagement Video 5: Helpful & Compassionate


By communicating in helpful and compassionate messaging, we are able to drive member engagement. We provide immediate communication post-visit for ease and convenience. And our mobile app is available 24/7 to access visit history. We also customize seasonal messaging — whether it's allergy or flu season or if members need severe weather event support. 



Engagement Video 6: Always Evolving


The final video of our series highlights our commitment to constantly evolve to further drive utilization and create valuable user experiences. Trying new things, gathering data and applying that data is key to engagement that works. 



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Originally published Apr 25, 2023 5:00:00 AM.