10 Tips for Dining Out

July 10, 2024

First Stop Health

  1. Keep hunger under control. Don’t skip a meal when planning to dine out. Have a light snack one hour before the meal.

  2. Choose restaurants with variety. Look for menu items offering a complete meal that includes protein, grain or starch, vegetables and fats.

  3. Think smaller. Be mindful of portions. Observe appetite cues and stop eating when you are satisfied, ensuring you have consumed a portion of all food groups.

  4. Control the fat. Look for balance. If one item is breaded, fried or a higher-fat item, ensure other food groups are not.

  5. Pass the breadbasket. Combine courses. Items like chips and salsa or the breadbasket which are served ahead of the meal are still part of it so ensure you count them accordingly to maintain a balanced plate in the overall meal.

  6. Strategize buffets. Choose items from each food group, maintaining a balanced plate and noting added fats in various dishes.

  7. Order beverages with no calories. Order water with a twist of lemon — it is healthy and filling. Drink alcohol in moderation: two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women. These beverages are high in empty calories.

  8. Mind your manners — savor each bite! Eat slowly and chew thoroughly for better digestion — you will be able to discern fullness more accurately.

  9. Get rid of your plate. Have the waiter remove the plate when you are full so you don’t continue to pick while waiting on others. You can also request a to go box to take home the leftovers. Turning this one meal into two avoids feeling compelled to eat beyond fullness in order to avoid “waste.”

  10. Wait to order dessert. Finish the main dish. By the time you are done eating, you may not even want dessert. If you do order dessert, fullness in order to avoid “waste.” If you do order, eat it mindfully, savoring each bite and noticing when you have satisfied that sweet tooth!

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Originally published Jul 10, 2024 4:11:12 PM.