Prioritize Preventive Care


First Stop Health (FSH) Virtual Primary Care solution includes support for urgent, preventive and chronic care (or disease management). To honor Breast Cancer and Depression Awareness Months, we highlighted how Virtual Primary Care can support both preventive care and ongoing management for each condition — and even shared some patient experiences. Chronic conditions, which are often preventable with regular health screenings, account for 86% of the U.S.'s healthcare spending. With delays in care due to the pandemic, provider shortages and inequity of access, preventive care should be a critical part of an employer's cost containment strategy. During this 20-minute session, we share:


  1. The clinical guidelines in which we align our preventive care tactics (and how they can lower healthcare costs)
  2. How Virtual Primary Care delivers ongoing care management in a virtual setting and our care coordination process
  3. Patient experiences for the treatment of both breast cancer and depression

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