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experiences our members are talking about

I was blown away with the overall experience. The best part was that it took no longer than 10 minutes! Going to the doctor’s office would have taken well over 2 hours plus the time away from work and the drive both ways. I will most definitely use it again!


I was at home, with no transportation...[and] was able to get the medication I needed quickly. I would recommend First Stop Health to everyone, as it saves time, is user friendly and keeps life going without big interruptions. I am VERY Impressed!!


I was sick while preparing to leave on vacation. I called First Stop Health and within 20 minutes my entire process was complete. The Doctor spent a respectable amount of time on the diagnosis and prescription. A very efficient experience that led to a great vacation.


Times When employees Use Telemedicine


When a cold has lasted more than 14 days and symptoms worsen

An employee calls their Primary Care Doctor, but the soonest available appointment is two weeks away. Urgent Care is a better option, but it will cost them at least 2 hours from work and they will have to pay out of pocket costs for the visit. With a Telemedicine call, they can speak to a Doctor and get treatment in 10 minutes.


When traveling and they realize medication was left at home

They could go without needed medication or race back to try and retrieve it before a flight takes off. Calling the Doctor's office might work, if they can quickly get the Doctor to approve a transfer of the prescription to a far away pharmacy. Or with a quick Telemedicine call, they'll get a Doctor licensed in the State they are visiting to issue a refill nearby. 


When their child becomes sick in the evening or on a weekend

Urgent Care centers are a common option, but in this case, they are closed until morning. If it's seems serious enough, they could opt for an ER visit, however that would result in $1,000 in cost and a 4 hour wait.
A Doctor on a Telemedicine call can tell in minutes if an ER trip is necessary or if there is another treatment option.

Telemedicine Companies Should Create Savings

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"Real Impact, Real Savings"

Industry-Leading 52% Utilization

Last year, First Stop Health's average utilization of 52%, across our total subscriber base, was many times the industry average.

First Stop Health is the only telemedicine provider that contractually guarantees employees will use our telemedicine service at a rate that will generate a positive ROI from avoided health care costs

A 1,000 employee company can expect to save over $112,500 per year in healthcare costs by avoiding over 475 in-person physician visits to urgent care centers, ERs and primary care doctors annually.

Listen to a Real Telemedicine Call

Here's an example of just how quickly employees using our telemedicine service are able to speak to a U.S.-based, licensed physician and get their issue resolved.

We are the "First Stop" for members with any non-emergency medical issue or question. Our physicians diagnose and treat patients at anytime from anywhere.

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Our Contractual Refund Guarantee

For self-insured companies, we contractually guarantee that our telemedicine benefit will yield net savings to your company. We are the only telemedicine provider that guarantees your savings will, at a minimum, equal 25% of the cost of our service.

We are confident that your employees will love to use our service. So, if we don't reduce the healthcare expenses of our clients by at least 125% of the cost of our service, we will refund the difference. It's as simple as that.

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Understanding Telemedicine Services For Employers


This Year, over 90% of larger employers offer telemedicine.

You may vaguely have heard about telemedicine, or you may be following this new way for people to access doctors closely. Possibly, you are an employer who has already implemented it.

Regardless of where you are at on the experience curve, this free guide will provide you with the following:

  • Top Reasons to Provide a Telemedicine Benefit to Employees

  • Five Key Criteria for Buying a Telemedicine Solution

  • Tips to Secure Internal Buy-In

  • Checklist for Choosing the Right Solution

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