20-Minute Benefits Buzz: Supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace with Virtual Care

Culturally competent care — or clinically inclusive care — is so much more than just delivering care in the primary language of the patient. Learn how First Stop Health (FSH) virtual care supports DEIB initiatives. We think about it across 3 pillars:
  1. ACCESS EQUITY: Inherently virtual care enables equity of access regardless of geography but we also have to think about modality, language (including ASL), appointment times, cost, employment status, parity of quality and speed to care across all those differences.
  2. CLINICAL CALIBER: We ensure clinicians are representative of the workforce we serve across demographics, areas of expertise, gender and time spent with a patient. It's also essential to understand social determinants acting as a barrier to health.
  3. ASSESSMENT: Every visit is recorded for quality assurance purposes and 10% of visits are reviewed manually. We review “phone-side” manner, patient safety, clinical competence and retraining.

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