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First Stop Health launches affordable, 24/7 online healthcare service

Nick Severino

Sept. 27, 2012 — CHICAGO — The doctor can talk to you now. Really.
First Stop Health launched a first-of-its-kind online health concierge service today that provides individuals and families with affordable, immediate, 24/7 phone access to its more than 250 on-call physicians. The service also delivers access to healthcare advocates, electronic personal health records, tools and information resources that help patients better manage their healthcare.
Patrick Spain, co-founder and CEO of First Stop Health, said the new service is a major innovation in Health 2.0 patient-centric healthcare that builds on the burgeoning trends of concierge healthcare and telemedicine.
“It’s 10 p.m. on a Saturday night and your child has a rash and a high fever. Do you go to the ER or try Tylenol first? First Stop Health doctors are available 24/7 to provide expert advice and prescribe medications when needed,” Spain said. “Or let’s say your mom has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and she wants a second opinion. How do you help her find a good one in a hurry? Our healthcare advocates can advise and assist you with major disease management.”
Everyone who comes to First Stop Health can, free of charge:
• Research symptoms, conditions and treatments using robust information resources previously available only through physicians.
• Find doctors and medical facilities using powerful search tools and a database of 780,000 physicians and 8,000 facilities.
• Set up a customized health news feed, choosing from hundreds of topics.
Premium Memberships to First Stop Health range from $240 per year for individuals with infrequent medical needs to $600 annually for families that need more regular access to First Stop Health physicians and healthcare advocates. Premium Memberships include: 
• Informational Advice: Unlimited informational access to physicians for immediate advice 24/7.
• Diagnostic Consults: Prompt, 24/7 access to First Stop Health physicians in the caller’s state for in-depth diagnostic consults and prescriptions. The number of diagnostic calls available depends on the membership level.
• Healthcare Advocacy: Help from healthcare advocates with navigating complex issues such as management of major health concerns, getting second opinions and understanding insurance (policies, payments, treatment coverage, etc.). The amount of access depends on the membership level.
• Electronic Personal Health Records: Patient-controlled electronic personal health records, which members control and may use and keep, even after membership has ended.
First Stop Health offers a 14-day trial of its Premium Membership for $1. 
Recently, more than 100 people tested a pre-release version of First Stop Health. One user from Naperville, Ill. said: “First Stop Health saved me a visit to the ER in the middle of the night and I'm guessing about $1,000 in fees. I had a surgical procedure and the wound began to bleed two days after the surgery. I couldn't stop the bleeding and didn't know if I should call for an ambulance. I called the First Stop Health doctor to get advice. With the instructions the doctor gave me, the bleeding stopped. He told me to go to the ER immediately if it bled again (it didn't) and to call my surgeon the next morning (which I did). Thanks, First Stop Health.”
Spain, Dr. Mark L. Friedman and Ken Anderson co-founded First Stop Health. Spain was CEO and co-founder of Hoover’s, HighBeam Research and Newser. Friedman is assistant clinical professor of trauma and emergency medicine at the University of Connecticut and chief medical officer of First Stop Health. Anderson is a consultant and entrepreneur who co-founded Marketing Solutions, Ltd. and ClickData.com. He is COO of First Stop Health.
About First Stop Health
First Stop Health (www.fshealth.com) is a first-of-its-kind online health concierge service. It provides individuals and families with convenient, immediate and affordable 24/7 phone access to more than 250 physicians and workday access to healthcare advocates. These core services are integrated into a platform that includes tools to create electronic personal health records, find physicians and health facilities throughout the U.S. and access a concise collection of patient-friendly health news and information. Connect with First Stop Health on Facebook and on Twitter @FirstStopHealth.
Media Contact:
Nick Severino | VP, Marketing | First Stop Health
888-691-7867 x-410 | nseverino@fshealth.com

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