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First Stop Health launches cost-saving telehealth benefit plans for employers

Nick Severino

May 9, 2013 — CHICAGO — Employers can significantly slash health care costs for their employees by providing new telehealth benefit plans from First Stop Health. The plans supplement employers' existing health care coverage by providing employees and their families with convenient, affordable and immediate electronic access to physicians in all 50 states (24/7/365), patient advocacy services and a host of other resources to better manage their health care.

First Stop Health's network of more than 300 licensed and U.S.-based physicians and professionals can handle up to 70 percent of issues for which employees currently visit a doctor's office. First Stop Health also helps eliminate the 60 percent of trips to emergency rooms that are medically unnecessary.

First Stop Health plans are priced on a flat fee per employee, so costs don't increase with usage. In fact, the company actively fosters utilization. By engaging employees in an ongoing series of communications (tips, reminders, examples, etc.), First Stop Health encourages a degree of compliance that, the company estimates, can generate savings of up to $2,000 per employee, per year. Additionally, when employees sidestep traveling and waiting for appointments, employers benefit from decreased absenteeism and increased productivity.

"Businesses are grappling with uncertainty in health care. Premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses are all on the rise as the result of the Affordable Care Act and the continuing increase in health costs. It’s hitting employers' bottom lines and pulling money out of employees" pockets," said Patrick Spain, CEO and co-founder of First Stop Health. "Our affordable, compelling plans decrease employees' out-of-pocket expenses and lower claims against employer health care plans, while helping to keep employees healthy and productive."

In addition to providing physician care and diagnosis, members can speak to patient advocates to get help with managing serious medical issues or dealing with insurance coverage issues. First Stop Health also provides members with personalized health dashboards that allow them to create and manage electronic health records, customize news, research health resources and quickly locate physicians, urgent care centers and emergency rooms.

Neeraj Shah, founder and CEO of Chicago-based wisecanvas, recently purchased First Stop Health for wisecanvas’ employees. "As a startup, we always look for cost-effective options. We offer First Stop Health and health reimbursement accounts (HRA). First Stop Health is truly a 'first stop' before employees incur the expense of visits to physicians' offices or hospitals. It helps our team stretch their HRA dollars to the maximum."

More information, including a video, is available at www.fshealth.com/employers/. Interested companies may also call 312-546-4445.

About First Stop Health
First Stop Health (www.fshealth.com) is a convenient, quick and affordable telehealth service that provides its members with immediate phone and email access to more than 300 physicians (24/7/365). Members can also speak to patient advocates for help with navigating serious illnesses, second opinions, insurance coverage, medical bills and more. First Stop Health goes beyond calls, offering personalized, confidential medical dashboards with access to personal electronic health records, customized news, sophisticated yet easy-to-understand health content and tools to quickly locate physicians, urgent care centers, drugstore clinics and emergency rooms. Connect with First Stop Health on Facebook and follow First Stop Health on Twitter: @firststophealth.

Media Contact:
Nick Severino | VP, Marketing | First Stop Health
888-691-7867 x-410 | nseverino@fshealth.com

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