Through First Stop Health, you can talk to a U.S.-based, licensed physician 24/7/365.

A "Members Only" Telemedicine Service

First Stop Health is a subscription-based telemedicine service that is only available to our members as an employee benefit or through one of our preferred vendors. As a member, you can access our national network of physicians for diagnosis and treatment of common healthcare issues. Our physicians will return your call in minutes and diagnose and treat you conveniently over the phone; if appropriate, they can even write prescriptions and submit them to your preferred pharmacy.

We believe access to healthcare needs to be convenient, affordable, and transparent. Our mission is to take the typically confusing, complicated, and expensive healthcare experience and transform it to something delightful.  

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How do you access Telemedicine?

Members can access services 24/7/365.

Call 888-691-7867 or login to your member dashboard to talk to a doctor.

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What can be treated via telemedicine?

According to the American Medical Association, 70% of health issues you would see an in-person physician or nurse practictioner for diagnosis and treatment can actually be treated effectively and safely simply by talking to a patient. 

First Stop Health is a "first stop" for patients who are experiences non-life threatening symptoms. The most common symptoms we treat are sore throat, cough, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, skin rashes, eye infections, ear aches, upset stomachs, and joint pains. Our physicians can even provide short term prescription refills for maintenance medications, if appropriate. 

What happens during a Telemedicine Consultation?

After requesting the consultation via your dashboard or by calling 888-691-7867 and completing a brief pre-consultation interview, a doctor licensed in your state will call you back, usually in less than five minutes. 

The doctor will complete a medical history and symptom assessment and make a diagnosis and communicate your treatment plan. If the treatment plan includes a prescription, it will be sent to the pharmacy you indicated in the pre-consultation interview. You will have the oppourtunity to ask the physician questions about your symptoms, the diagnosis and treatment plan just as if you were in the same room together. 

Our goal is for a member to have aconsultation completed and a prescription (if appropriate) in hand in less than an hour. 

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what our members say

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    I was extremely pleased with the ease of using the service. The Doctor called quickly and answered all of my questions and called in the necessary medication. I was pleasantly surprised by the follow call advising me the prescription was called in. It was a really good experience.
    "First Stop Health was so easy and helpful. From the beginning process of speaking with the patient coordinator, the doctor speaking with us and calling in a prescription and the follow up help needed. Every person was kind, compassionate, quick to answer our questions and help in any manner we needed. My daughter was on the road to recovery quickly thanks to First Stop Health."
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    My experience was great. The nurse that I spoke with was very helpful. Seconds after getting off the phone with her, the Dr. called and was very knowledgeable. They had a prescription sent to my pharmacy within 30 minutes of my call. I was very pleased with my experience and will definitely take advantage of FSH again.

    "You guys are FANTASTIC!!!!!! I am very pleased with this service my company offers and the customer service YOUR company offers. Great follow-up and advice."