Benefits Strategy & Insights from NFP Broker, Dave Lewis [Interview]

This month we had the opportunity to speak with benefits broker Dave Lewis.  Dave is a Director at NFP, the fifth-largest consulting firm for employee benefits in the United States.  He also has a unique perspective on the insurance industry after...

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What NASCAR Can Teach Us About Navigating Employee Benefits [Interview]

Garrett Gardi is a Managing Advisor at Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners. An industry veteran of 16 years, Garrett likens the industry to a NASCAR race. “It's moving at lightning pace. You can't see what's coming around the corner but you better be...

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Essential employee benefit trends you can’t afford to miss [Interview]

An interview with top insurance and benefits executive, Adam Kroeger 

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Adam Kroeger, a Client Executive at Truss LLC. Adam believes that by being strategic and consultative, he can provide solutions to his...

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