A Nasal Rinse a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

For allergy sufferers, the old “apple a day” wisdom does little to stave off the next sneezing attack. Many now practice daily “Neti potting” to keep their allergy problems and sinus issues under control. Neti pots and other similar nasal irrigation...

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Have I gotten your attention?

Yesterday an administrator at my medical school pulled me into his office. “So what’s the story with the ebola virus?” he asked.

Patients in my clinic whose children have a fever are concerned that there "might have...

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Accurate Medical Billing & Holding Providers Accountable: A Success Story 

A First Stop Health  client recently called us about a problem--an expensive problem. A hospital was dunning them for an emergency room bill of more than $100,000. They asked if we could help. 

The answer? Yes.

Over the years, I have learned that...

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Getting a second medical opinion

When my friend called me about his father, who had passed out, I learned that the cardiologist had done an EKG, pronounced the elder gentleman "fine," and sent him home.

"How is he feeling?" I asked.

"Too weak to get up out of his chair," my...

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The common cold: an incurable disease

A cure for the common cold remains elusive. Yet every day, people with cold symptoms line up in the clinic waiting room, hoping for the "cure."

For the record: penicillin and other antibiotics are of no value against the multitude of viruses that...

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What's behind the growing physician shortage

More than 27 percent of physicians in the US are over 60 years of age. Women, who now constitute 35 percent of physicians in active practice, have delivered 22 to 33 percent fewer services than male physicians, since they tend to work fewer hours.


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How do you know if you really need to see a doctor?

My own friends and family often don't really know how to access the medical system and at what level, so they call me for advice. "Do I go to the emergency room for this?" "Should I see a doctor?"

Knowing the answers to such questions is a real...

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"All natural" means nothing

It is a wonderful term, one that beckons consumers: natural. However, under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as administered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the word is meaningless. Despite hundreds of court rulings and recent...

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Taking our own medicine

Here at First Stop Health, we offer all of our employees a choice of several Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans, as well as their choice of one of the telehealth membership plans our company creates and sells. We want all of our employees...

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